Date Walnut Chia And Rosemary Cookies

  We are about to start building a deck in our backyard that flows off the kitchen and will be the hub of many happy memories, watermelon stains and impromptu barbecue dinners come summer. But before we begin, we have to dig up all flora which is potentially in the way of the construction and which we can't bear to lose. To be precise, that would be three big rosemary bushes. Over nine years after taking the first set of cuttings from a... Read More >>
Coconut Oat Milk

Coconut Oat Milk

Necessity is the mother of invention. I used to hear that phrase a lot as a child. It started dissipating as I grew up. I wonder why. Maybe it was because times changed and the convenience and affordability of modern life ensured that we didn't have to work very hard to get something. I believe I had forgotten all about that phrase until this morning when a situation arose. And my necessity gave rise to an invention of sorts.   ... Read More >>

Cookbook Review – Super Natural Every Day. Win A Copy!

  Super Natural Every Day is not a cookbook. Heidi Swanson's latest offering is a private journal of a person who embraces food in its truest form, smattered with photos that make you want to experience and recipes that make you want to cook. I first leafed through a copy at a local bookstore last year. A couple of flicks down the line, I had mentally bookmarked at least 10 recipes I wanted to cook straight away. That, for me was an indic... Read More >>

Garlic And Thyme Quinoa Patties

Cooking quinoa is one of the easiest, most rewarding exercise you can indulge in your kitchen. It practically cooks itself and freezes well. Not to mention, it is healthy hip and really tasty. When I cooked a big pot of quinoa earlier this week from Heidi's Super Natural Every Day cookbook, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. The Little Quinoa Patties recipe in the book was inspiring and I adapted it to make a delicious snack which... Read More >>

How To Cook Quinoa

I have been buying quinoa and quinoa flakes for a while now. Sadly, the packets die a slow death in the pantry. Honestly, I can't tell you why I am so apprehensive to cook it. Maybe my fussy offsprings are to blame. But I still buy quinoa, like clockwork. Maybe I am an eternal idealist. Maybe I have too much going on in my pantry. Well this is the year, that changes.   Believe it or not, but quinoa makes me think of Heidi Swanson. Late... Read More >>