Rose Petal And Coconut Fudge

I have a few roses popping up in my garden every now and then as the weather turns cooler. And I have plenty of odd and end uses for the rose petals. I use them to make ice creams, spike desserts, infuse in tea, cook into a chutney and garnish cakes. This time around I decided to try out a fudge recipe that I had been thinking of. I have taken my 5-minute microwaveable fudge recipe and tried out many variations over the past few months, but never with rose petals. I also decided to make a lighter version of the fudge. No heavy full-fat cream here people, so eat away. My roses are unsprayed and thoroughly organic, I spray them with a delicate mist of water and let them dry naturally prior to using them in cooking. I pluck the petals and make sure they are free of tiny bugs and insects. For this recipe, I chopped them very fine.


Fudge Slices with fresh petals. Fresh Fudge


Makes 12 large pieces/ Preparation Time : 10 minutes/ Cooking Time : 5-6 minutes

Fresh petals of 2 large roses, chopped fine
300ml light pouring cream
1 cup coconut flakes
1 cup raw sugar
2 cups milk powder
1/4 cup pistachio flakes
some rose petals for garnishing

Grease and line a lamington pan. Set aside.

Combine fresh rose petals, pouring cream, coconut flakes, sugar, milk powder and pistachio flakes in a large microwaveable bowl. Mix lightly. Cook on high, uncovered in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Remove, mix well. Cook again, uncovered for another 2-3 minutes. Remove, mix well. Spread into the prepared pan and level the fudge with a flat spoon. Allow to cool and set for a few hours before slicing as desired.

Note : I have tried making this with 3 cups of milk powder originally and the resulting fudge was quite hard. When I tried again with 2 cups, it was softer and chewy. Depending on the thickness of the cream you are using, you may have to experiment with the amount of milk powder you use. The quantity in this recipe should be just fine, if you follow the other ingredients exactly as they appear here. The fudge may be slightly runny when it is still hot, but fret not. It will harden as it sets. It is also important to use granular sugar as it adds a lovely texture to the fudge.