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What is XO sauce?

When I was living in Singapore, I subscribed to the only monthly food magazine that was available and it was called "Eat!". Small in terms of volume but packed with page after page of yummy Peranakan, Chinese, Indonesian and local Singaporean fare, the magazine had several recipes that called for "XO Sau... Read More >>
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5-Star Chicken Congee Singapore Style

Whenever I think of Singapore, I do so with a fond smile and an ache in my heart to fly back there and relive the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Lion City. The 5 years that I spent there are as vibrant and fresh in my head as if it were yesterday. I enjoyed numerous gastronomic adventures, discovering wondrou... Read More >>
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Dum Da Dee Da I am so rumbly in my tumbly

Thanks to my firstborn who is now in the throes of his terrible twos, I have developed a very strong affection for everything Pooh. You would think that after watching the same old cartoons day in and day out, reading the same stories at bedtime and listening to the really funny songs an upteenth time a day, I would'... Read More >>
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Lazy Saturday Lunch Authentic Homestyle Chicken Curry

You know it is a lazy weekend afternoon and that things are extremely relaxed when you are having lunch at 3:00pm. As long as that lunch is a full bodied, spicy chicken curry with fluffy, steamed white rice, I don't care what time it is that we are eating. If your chicken is thawed and ready to cook, this delicious fam... Read More >>
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What Does Spelt Bread Mean?

"What Does Spelt Bread Mean" I asked the bread vendor at our local gourmet market today. "It is bread made from untreated, pure flour obtained from the 'spelt' grain" he said "And it makes the bread super-healthy and richer in fibre, proteins and other nutrients than any other kind of bread". Well, that sold me and I... Read More >>

Recent Gastronomic Adventures St. Ives Showground

We have been enjoying a rollercoaster ride of various tastes recently. The whole of last week turned out to be one big tasting session. We tried out pizzas from two new local pizzerias. One was mediocre, but the other one called "Hunta's Pizza" was very satisfying indeed. We tried out their 'Beer Nuts' and 'Pig Belly... Read More >>

Hornsby Shire Centennary Fair

We had been to the local country fair on Sunday. It was an event to be remembered as it was commemorating 100 years of the existence of our suburb after it was formed as a result of a land grant given to the local ranger for capturing a rogue who terrorised it. Now that the educational part is over let me get to the ... Read More >>

Novelty Cake No 1 – A Pot Of Mud Dirt Cake

In the past 2 weeks my whims and fancies have shifted to the wonderful world of cake decorating. As I have mentioned before, I have been dawdling over the idea of baking a 'fun' cake for my son's 2nd birthday which happens to be next month. To achieve that with a certain flair, I need to practice and perfect my met... Read More >>