August 2011

Month: August 2011

Pick Me Up Veggie Muffins

  When I started writing this post, I mulled and mulled over what I would call these muffins. Healthy Muffins? Green Muffins? Veggie Power Muffins? Believe me, I mulled a lot. Then I called them Pick Me Up Veggie Muffins, because not only were they totally tempting to look at, but one of these babies for breakfast was the perfect pick-me-up I needed on a blah Monday morning. Fuelled me up till lunch!         I o... Read More >>

Lebkuchen – German Christmas Ginger Cookies

  I recently got sent two volumes of a brand new baking repository. A limited edition, 60-part series that comprises of modernised classics and is accompanied by various types of gorgeous silicon bakeware. It is called Baked And Delicious. To test run the first volume, I decided to bake a batch of German spice cookies called Lebkuchen.       Lebkuchen (pronounced leb-koo-ken, as kindly pointed out by my German friend ... Read More >>

Cream Of Pumpkin Soup And Chicken Glazed Swiss Mushrooms

  I love real stock that is made from scratch, stock that is simmered slowly with the freshest of ingredients. I have made fresh stock a handful of times. The rest of the time, I have used store bought stock. Don't judge me! I plan to go back to simmering my own stock after my chickens have flown their coop and when time is not such a novelty. It is a promise, I hear echoing all around me as enthusiastic cooks (most of them all parents and ... Read More >>

Tiramisu And My 200th Post

Sometimes when I am flipping through a cooking magazine or shopping at the deli, I become delusional. I have ideas of grandeur. The all empowering feeling of absolute surety that “Yes! I can bake that 8 layer specialty cake and cater for 20 people in half a day, no problem!” or “Today I feel my cooking bug stirring. Sure I’ll make a lasagne, in fact several and a decadent dessert and a chutney and some pesto and a beauti... Read More >>

Pav Bhaji – Indian Sloppy Joes

  Pav Bhaji is essentially a ragout of boiled, mashed and slow simmered vegetables spiked with a tantalising array of spices and served to be lapped up with crusty pan fried bread, a dash of lemon and a lashing of sweet red onions. It is the most explosive of vegetarian flavours revealing themselves on your palate. Have I got your attention yet?         This Mumbai street food is my family's all time favourite foo... Read More >>

Baby Lemon Madeleines

    Our citrus trees have been hibernating for the longest time now. I had given up on our Meyer lemon and Australian lime trees. But this weekend, I saw Nick hard at work mulching, feeding, water and weeding around them. Just a little TLC and they already look ready for the warmer months. Maybe there is hope.     I have been buying a lot of citrus fruits lately. Just yesterday we drove through the very beautiful rural ... Read More >>