August 2011


Baby Lemon Madeleines

    Our citrus trees have been hibernating for the longest time now. I had given up on our Meyer lemon and Australian lime trees. But this weekend, I saw Nick hard at work mulching, feeding, water and weeding around them. Just a little TLC and they already look ready for the warmer months. Maybe there is ho... Read More >>

Win A Cakewich Silicone Bake Pan

A few months ago, I reviewed the very quirky Cakewich - A Giant Sandwich Shaped Silicone Cake Baking Pan by Fred. You can bake fun cakes with this one shaped like giant sandwiches and fill them with any icing you want. Jam & Cream, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Nutella & Butter … go nuts!! Today I have on... Read More >>