Avocado Matcha And Egg Face Mask

I am a deep believer of natural beauty and wellness therapies. Having grown up on home made face and hair masks, I have always been a fan of using food on our bodies. If something is good enough to eat and is acceptable to apply on our bodies, then why not reap its natural benefits? Understanding how raw ingredients like fruit, vegetables and spices work, is key to creating a concoction that will enhance the feeling of wellness and work a miracle on your body. My favourite natural ingredients are honey, turmeric, lemon and eggs. With their mix of astringent and binding properties, they are super helpful in creating homemade  elixirs, creams and treatments. It is almost like mixing and... Read More >>
Chocolate Hazelnut And Avocado Brownie - Cook Republic

Chocolate Hazelnut Avocado Brownie And My New Kitchenaid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

Do you know the story of how I got Bee, my bright pepper yellow Kitchenaid Stand Mixer? Lets just say that I had to run over 70km to get him. And now I have Snow - little brother to Bee. Snow is my brand new Kitchenaid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer and he was sent to me from the lovely folks at Kitchenaid Australia. I love how white he is and how seamlessly he fits amongst all my white enamel, marble and wood treasures in the kitchen. 25% lighter (I tried moving him and it is a breeze, unlike moving the older Kitchenaid which almost throws my back every time), 20% smaller (love that the bowl is deeper and has no handle which means less splatter and more even mixing of dough) and almost as pow... Read More >>
Slow Cooked Sticky Leg Of Lamb Ragu With Pappardelle - A Spring Garden Gathering/ Cook Republic

Slow Cooked Sticky Leg Of Lamb Ragu With Pappardelle And A Spring Garden Gathering

A slowly unravelling spring is a magical awakening of the senses. When the soft at first but heavy with fragrance air turns warm and balmy, out comes the patio furniture and fairy lights. Salad recipe cuttings are brought out from the trusty old recipe folder and a trip to the local butcher is almost a rite of passage as most of Australia heads there to bring back some beautiful lamb to cook and share at leisurely Spring barbecues and garden parties. We have the occasional lamb throughout the year and surprisingly, most of it manages to take centre stage at gatherings with friends and loved ones. I was very excited to recently collaborate with Australian Lamb and Feed Up to celeb... Read More >>
Instant Chocolate And Avocado Mousse - Cook Republic

Instant Chocolate Avocado Mousse

I first had a chocolate-avocado combination a few years ago at a friend's party where another friend had brought chocolate cupcakes with chocolate avocado icing. Ummm. It was okay. Strictly. I would need to have it at least ten times before I started enjoying it in some capacity. And I would have never been able to cajole the boys into trying it. The Flavour Thesaurus cites Chocolate as being a great flavour match for avocado because of avocado's aniseed notes. I personally don't think that is true. You see, it pairs really well with fresh, clean tastes. Like lime and cucumber and mint. To combine avocado with chocolate, you would need plenty of  chocolate to drown out its fresh, almost ... Read More >>
Avocado Rose And Pistachio Dukkah Bowl - Cook Republic

How To Make An Avocado Rose And Pistachio Dukkah Bowl

When I first moved to Australia in 2005, I had never seen an avocado in person. When I did bring home one shiny green avocado, it turned out to be hard and tasteless (little did I know that there was an exact science to choosing and eating a perfectly ripe avocado). The next time I brought one back, I let it sit in the fruit bowl till it went quite dark and to my disgust had turned a murky brown on the inside. I eventually did manage to taste a reasonably green and ripe avocado but hated it. Not one to give up, I would occasionally buy an avo and it would die a slow death in my fridge or fruit bowl, much to Nick's amusement. I think it was inertia and an initial bad experience but I just... Read More >>
Avocado Watercress And Lime Smoothie - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree #greensmoothie

Avocado Watercress And Lime Smoothie

I usually buy a big punnet of watercress from the veggie stall at the markets on Thursday, especially when I have a big weekend of entertaining planned. It is a great salad filler. But if it doesn't get tossed through a salad, it will sit on my fridge shelf ambition-less and get chucked into the chicken run for my chickens to feed on. This bothers me to no extent. I love watercress. Right from its peppery clean taste to the tight groupings of miniature lily pad like leaves. It always feels like a loss when my chickens enjoy watercress more than us. So, I have been making a conscious effort to incorporate this beautiful green water vegetable (It grows naturally in water but can be grown s... Read More >>
Spelt Banana Sour Cream Cake & Magimix Cook Expert - Cook Republic

Spelt Sour Cream Banana Cake And The Magimix Cook Expert

I have always been a knife and pan girl. Even though I have a barrage of kitchen appliances and gadgets, my love for a simpler style of cooking with just a knife and a few pots and pans is far greater. But when Magimix contacted me back in April to collaborate on a new all-in-one cooking appliance called Magimix Cook Expert, it piqued my curiosity and I started my research. Over the course of the following months, I read up on every single all-in-one thermo style appliance there was. I even had a chance to see a couple of them in action during shoots in my studio. After watching endless videos, reading through forums and reviews and blog posts and assessing my cooking needs, I decided th... Read More >>

Crunchy Oven Baked Potato Chips

I am doing something today that I haven't done in over 11 years of food blogging. I am blogging spur of the moment because I posted a picture of  good old hand cut potato chips on Instagram and all of you went nuts with your emails and messages asking me what was in my house mix. So I decided to put up this recipe on the blog as I have made it a million times and never thought of putting it up only because it is so commonplace in my kitchen. I totally only took pictures on my phone for this post. And I am loving it! So the house mix huh? It is a mix I make once in a couple of months with dried pantry spices. It is used to season my root veggies before they go for a good old roast ... Read More >>
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