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Grapefruit Paloma

Grapefruit Paloma. Sultry, mouthy and the perfect companion for our Cocktail & Oyster night (or rather penny pinching parent's stay-in date night!). This one is it. The cocktail. The all and be all. For months now, Nick has been creating or re-creating a cocktail pretty much every Friday night. On most of those nights, we have oysters as accompaniment. On nights when the fishmonger has run out of Pacific oysters (our favourite! also known... Read More >>
Grapefruit Lime And Star Anise Granita

Grapefruit Lime And Anise Granita

You need a tin of this in the dark recesses of your freezer. Trust me. It is the most divine icy treat you will ever taste. The flavour of grapefruit (bitter, tart, mouthy) is a match made in heaven for the flavour of star anise (sweet, soft, delicate). Together they deliver a clean yet punchy flavour that is so delicious, you just don't want to stop. Granitas are so easy to make. I will often have this, this or this in rotation in my freezer... Read More >>