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Pineapple And Lychee Fizz

Nothing screams summer more than a perfectly golden pineapple with a spiky green crown instantly transporting you to a gently swaying hammock under lush palm fronds. And then you bring some lime, some lychees, some rum and a whole lot of ice and you can sway yourself into dreamy oblivion. I have recently started sharing our cocktail recipes which have become a special ritual on Friday nights. Over the years, our trusty SodaStream Sparkling Wa... Read More >>

15 Minute Festive Fruit Punch

People close to me would say that I have a flamboyant and colourful personality. But I strive for flamboyance with very minimal effort. I am constantly thinking of ways to present something spectacular that becomes a conversation starter at gatherings without a lot of money or hoopla going into it. This stunning centrepiece of a cocktail is bold, big and beautiful. It is carefully concocted to reflect the colours of Christmas - green apples, red ... Read More >>

Pomegranate Dragon Fruit And Lychee Sorbet

I love pomegranates. I hate peeling or prepping them. One of my kitchen pet peeves along with refilling oil from the can into the oil bottle and cutting a pumpkin. I only get to eat pomegranate when Nick painstakingly gets all the seeds out, red juice running down his hands. (I know there is an easier way to dissect and prep a pomegranate, I just need to google it.) So drinking POM works for me. The antioxidant powerhouse is now available in a ... Read More >>