38 Confessions Of A Food Blogger And Foodie

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Confessions of a Food Blogger/Foodie

  1. I cannot peel a boiled egg without giving it cellulite.
  2. I have panic attacks before icing a cake for a special occasion. 
  3. I cannot sleep if I fail at a recipe, making batch after batch till I get it right. My kitchen looks like a catering house for a party of 60 when that happens.
  4. I need therapy for my cookbook addiction. I think I buy more cookbooks every month than I cook from (Yes, I am blaming marketing departments of those darned publishing houses).
  5. In my next life, I would like to be a pastry chef.
  6. I might be single handedly responsible for the zillion page hits bookdepository.com gets everyday after I indulge myself virtual window shopping for cookbooks. Mind you, I am just looking and wishlisting *cough cough*!
  7. Every now and then I will completely obsess about some particular food. A few years ago it was cupcakes followed by Agedashi Tofu followed by Okonomiyaki followed by soft centered eggs. When that happens, I NEED to have it every other day. Then I start making it every chance I get. This madness usually lasts for a couple of weeks. My current obsession is Cendol!
  8. When the urge to cook something hits, I first head to my windows and visually measure the amount of light streaking in. If it is dark and blustery, I let my whim to cook pass because I know I won’t be able to get good shots of the food I cook. Well hello ISO and M mode! I am no longer a slave to the light outside the window!
  9. When I watch movies or television shows, I am sub consciously scoping out surfaces, kitchen props and food on display.
  10. Whenever we go out to dine, Nick sits with an exasperated expression on his face, his stomach rumbling louder with each passing minute as I try to get a decent shot of the food that has arrived at our table. I only feel guilty sometimes.
  11. I grow a cartload of herb varieties in my backyard so I can have a fresh garnish for that perfect food shot. 
  12. I once licked my finger and dabbed it on the lens to clean a smudge. ON THE LENS!!! SPIT!!!
  13. As days go by, obsessing about food, food and more food; I find myself becoming something of a food snob. Why buy a birthday cake when I can bake my own! Cookies from the supermarket? Blasphemy!! I need to bake my own gourmet cookies every week.
  14. I have taken up thrifting for unusual food photography props. As I head into a thrift store or op shop, I can feel the blood pounding in my veins and my heart hammering away in my chest. The thrill of scoring a rare vintage English floral plate or a hallmarked ornate silver spoon is tremedously palpable. Who needs to bungee jump after that kind of excitement?
  15. I need to build a separate room to store my kitchen and photography props, cookbooks and cooking magazines.
  16. I need to tweet about every single thing I am eating. The burning need to share with the world that I am having a piece of toast is ridiculously compulsive.
  17. I use Foursquare and Urbanspoon to log my food shenanigans and scope out new places to eat.
  18. I am constantly pinning kitchen, food, props and photography on Pinterest.
  19. I can probably count more celebrity chefs on my fingers than Hollywood celebrities.
  20. I roll sushi at 10 o’clock in the night so it is fresh for an early morning snack.
  21. I have truffle oil, rose petals, squid ink linguini, chocolate spaghetti, 3 different kinds of quinoa, chia seeds, dried porcini mushroom, 3 different kinds of salt flakes, every possible variety of beans, nuts and lentils in my pantry for a cooking emergency.
  22. I have close to 1000 cookbooks and cooking magazines overflowing from my shelves. Even then when the urge to cook strikes, I head to the computer and google the recipe.
  23. I go to bed thinking of food. I wake up thinking of food.
  24. The crusty sound that comes from breaking a freshly baked baguette is pure music. The bread scene in Ratatouille is the best ever!
  25. Vintage, retro and quirky food packaging gets my knickers twisted in a knot. I love bespoke labels, rustic crates and paper bags printed with gorgeous typography.
  26. Fete food is the best. Don’t tell me otherwise!
  27. I love playing Cooking Dash and have mastered all versions at all levels of difficulty. Flo rules!
  28. I wish Butterbeer was real and widely sold throughout the world!
  29. I have not eaten rabbit, kangaroo, crocodile and venison. I have no intention of doing so.
  30. I think Food Porn needs to be a legally and globally accepted term.
  31. My first attempt at making macarons was also my last. They looked like whoopie pies who needed to get to the gym.
  32. Shaking Jamie Oliver’s hand would be akin to being in the same room as Dalai Lama.
  33. I have peelers and cutters for everything under the sun. Mango, corn, avocado, strawberry, banana, pineapple … you name it. Do I use them? No. That is where my trusty knife comes in.
  34. At a 2 hatted restaurant for an extraordinary degustation lunch, the thing that I was most looking forward to was their bread and churned butter. I dreamt about it for days and stared at pictures of it longingly on other blogs that had reviewed the restaurant. 
  35. I would love to possess knife skills of a fruit ninja. But I am scared to learn. So instead I practice on Fruit Ninja – the APP!
  36. When cutting chicken, I freak out if the head is till on. Sometimes I freak out more, if the head is unattached. So chicken cutting is left to Nick.
  37. Some of the most adventurous things I have eaten have to be tortoise eggs and frog legs.
  38. For all the food influence and thoughts that mark my everyday, I don’t eat very much. I love to feed.
So tell me guys, what is your quirky foodie/food-blogger trait?? Come on confess up!!


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  1. Chanel

    Haha wow! Where do I start?? I read so many similarities on your list 🙂
    Point #2 is what I call ‘Baker’s Anxiety’. I mostly get it when baking something new, especially at that moment before someone bites into the finished product. If that first taster is my husband I watch his reactions and pester for an immediate opinion 😉
    I’ve got a version of butterbeer on my blog – it’s delicious and had me obsessed for a couple of weeks!

    • Sneh

      Baker’s Anxiety! So it has a name 🙂 Checking out Butterbeer on your blog.

  2. Iron Chef Shellie

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laughed so hard and agreed with most things… ohhhh man… so true so true.. Opshopping is a fun sport, although I have had to stop as I am in need of that spare room just for food photography!!

    I doubt I can peel an egg either without giving it cellulite 😛 BAHAHA!!

  3. Neelam

    Great job with the list…..I was smiling and nodding at every point….!!!!!

    • Sneh

      Thanks Neelam!

  4. penny aka jeroxie

    Man… I am now inspired to make some confessions… #gulp

    • Sneh

      Spill the beans Penny! 🙂

  5. a spoonful of yumm

    you can be a pastry chef in this life too 😉 was fun reading your confessions. i think about food too all the time 😀

    • Sneh

      Aww thanks Shruti!

  6. Jennifer (Delicieux)

    Great list!!!

    I’m definitely guilty of 1, 3, 4, 10 and 23. And for me, as far as 32 goes, replace Jamie Oliver with Nigella.

    • Sneh

      Thanks Jen!

  7. Martyna (Wholesome Cook)

    Hi Sneh! I could easily take that photo of yours and paste my face into it! And agree with most points {7. is particularly true at the moment as I have been indulging in homemade labne for 5 days now – can’t get enough}.

    And I have recently purchased a Billy bookcase from IKEA for the kids’ toys… well, since they can’t reach the top 2 shelves I use them to store props, plates, fine china and other cute things. That’s on top of a few other hiding places for my things..

    Cool list, kind of makes me happy I’m not crazy!

    • Sneh

      Definitely not. There are many “non-crazies” like us out there! 🙂 You’ve got me curious about labne.

  8. Katherine Sacks

    Love this!

    I have so many, it’s hard to even start, but the number one is definitely that I have a serious, serious addiction to chocolate <3

  9. sneige

    This cracked me down ! 😀 So many common points! 🙂

  10. Gaby

    Great post, very amusing! Can’t believe you haven’t tried kangaroo or rabbit. I take it guinea pig either… Yummy creatures.

    • Sneh

      guinea pig?? didn’t know you could eat it! they are so cute 🙁

  11. KayB

    Can’t agree with you more on number 28! Me? Well I can’t bake unless the Beatles are playing on shuffle in the background.

    • Sneh

      Really! wow quirky 🙂

  12. Miss Piggy

    What a funny post – I think I’ve just gotten a good insight into your mind (and I see bread & butter & cookbooks & peelers galore)! I can relate to #10 (or Dave can I guess) and at the moment I’m OBSESSED with Mappen Noodles…as soon as I think about them (like now dammit) I have to go and have a bowl ASAP! And even though I can’t cook very well I’m pleased to say I can sometimes have an egg that looks as smooth as a supermodels…well leg.

  13. Miss Piggy

    Oh, and um ahem, I still do #12 to this day. It’s just an automatic response to smudges! Whoopsie.

    • Sneh

      that made me feel heaps better. Thanks Mel!

  14. pickyin @ LifeIsGreat

    You only have 38? Heheheh, yes I can relate to many of those, especially those on props and photography.

    • Sneh

      Have a few more I think, couldn’t think beyond No 38, lol

  15. Emma @CakeMistress

    Yes to the total panic at icing a cake for a special occasion and for scouring the antique stores for props. One nanna’s crocheted doily is another food bloggers dream find 🙂

    • Sneh

      “One nanna’s crocheted doily is another food bloggers dream find”

      I love that! ought to be on a tea towel!

  16. chinmayie @ love food eat

    Loved this post! I finished BIG bowl full of ice cream at 10pm reading this post! OMG

  17. Sophie AKA Miss Sweet

    This post was like looking into a mirror. Time to start Food Bloggers Annonymous? My name is Miss Sweet and I have a problem…

  18. Vanille

    I’m biaised but so agree with #24 ! And having a cookbook addiction is maybe not the worst one, rather a sweet one I would say 😉

  19. Petra

    Great post and love the photo 🙂

    • Sneh

      Thanks Petra 🙂

  20. kankana

    How did I miss this post ??!! It’s 9 in the morning and I am LOL reading this . I could relate to so many points you mentioned. Arvind is now convinced that I cook for blog and not for him ha ha ha. Every time we go for shopping, I try to avoid the cutlery section and once I enter I get lost. At times Arvind has to pull me out of that section 😀 😀 Now that I am travelling to India this winter.. my only though and aim is to eat more food, collect mom’s recipe and buy props. I am obsessed !!!

  21. Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice

    Ha! Nice list, Sneh. Hilarious about the macarons. #23 is definitely me, too. In fact I bet I could write a list about this long. Because I am as crazy as you 🙂

  22. Smartypanties

    OMGGGGG you are so adorable. I agree about the Ratatouille bread scene!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

  23. Thanh @ eat little bird

    Does this mean that I am normal then?? 😉 I think I connect with you most on no. 9 – the number of shopping ideas I have picked up when not paying attention to the dialogue! And no. 15 resonates with me as well. We live in a pretty tiny apartment and you will find kitchenware in nearly all of the rooms, acting as decoration, though most of it is hidden so that my husband is not truly aware of how much we have!

  24. Bonita

    YES!!! ..the bread scene from Ratatouille!! ..in fact, the whole movie!! *beeeg happy food-loving siiigh!* 😀 😀 😀

  25. Charul Ajmera

    Ha!! At every point I was going me too .. me too!
    I also cannot sleep if I fail at a recipe, the only difference being I cook it all over again (n number of times!) in my head only!
    Yes, I do need a whole new house so that I can buy all the things that I want for my cooking and clicking!!
    And, googling the recipe inspite of having a cartload of cooks with you.. You had me there completely.. I mean I have like 1000 recipes in digital form but my first resource is always Google, hail Google!!
    And #32, oh boy.. what a relief so see I am not alone.
    And lastly, I am still in #8 phase.

  26. Colette

    SPIT on the lens?!
    I laughed so hard I must’ve busted a rib!

  27. Courtney Butterworth

    Haha sometimes I take so long to take a photo of my food before I let my boyfriend eat it, that the food is lukewarm by the time we get the chance to dig in! I’m also guilty of remembering little more from my childhood than food memories including recipes cooked with my auntie and grandmother or birthday party goodies.

  28. Sam Halling

    Along with Food Porn – food orgasm should also be on that list!

    My confession- I cook on my tiptoes! I don’t even realise I’m doing it most of the time and yes I am little (a smidgen under 5 feet).

    Also, I almost hyperventilate letting someone else cook in my kitchen. It’s definitely a control issue I need to work on. Putting my head between my knees or a glass of wine seems to help ;o)

  29. Amanda

    What a great list. I can identify with most, except not trying kangaroo – cooked right it is amazing. I have tried rabbit and crocodile also but I don’t have fantastic memories of those.


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