Barrington Tops, Australia - Cook Republic
Last week we sneaked up to Barrington Tops and spent three adventurous days in a cabin by the river. We explored precarious little paths down to the river, we perched gingerly over moss-covered river stones and we slipped and fell in with a splash that frightened tiny birds hiding in the trees. We got industrious and used our wet shoes to catch fish, we chalked out an escape plan if our party was to be shattered by the appearance of a river croc (too many creature movies!) and we watched our submerged toes for hours till they became funny little appendages and no longer resembled toes.
We swatted pesky flies, we spotted red dragonflies, we shuddered in disgust when tiny leech latched onto our legs and we learned to skip flat rocks on the water's surface (without much luck!). We strung our expensive cameras up on trees and wrapped them around branches for that perfect family shot. We each hunted for the most perfect river rock to bring home as a souvenir. But mostly, we just sat there mindlessly letting the sun sap our strength and our minds wander with an occasional squeal of delight (it is ticklish when the fish nibble your toes!) and a sigh of contentment because with everything we did, we were doing absolutely nothing for once!
Barrington Tops, Australia - Cook Republic
Yellow Crocs - Cook Republic
A river cabin getaway, Australia - Cook Republic
Sneaking of to the river - Cook Republic
River Cabin, Barrington Tops, Australia - Cook Republic
By The River - Photo, Sneh Roy
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River Adventure, Australia - Cook Republic
River rocks, Australia.
Barrington Tops - Australia
Barrington Tops - Cook Republic
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Barrington Tops - Cook Republic