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Choc Chip And Peanut Butter Shortbread Stars

I found a recipe for this gorgeous shortbread in a dog-eared 2006 food magazine. Staying true to my fiddly nature, I did tweak this recipe a bit and ended up with a version of the shortbread that would appeal to peanut butter cookie lovers and pure shortbread enthusiasts alike. I wasn't expecting the dough to churn out a never ending supply of the little stars , so be prepared to bake in batches. I baked them in three batches and still have some dough leftover for next week. The rice flour is a must in all shortbread recipes and it rightfully adds the appropriate texture and crunch. You may stick in extra chocolate bits, once you have c... Read More >>
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Tutti Frutti Cake

When I was younger and studying, I traveled a lot by train. Nick and I would usually grab a snack and our favorite daily with loads of crosswords to take care of our food and entertainment needs on the way to college. Our favorite was a mini-loaf that came in bright, cheery, colorful packaging and simply said Tutti Frutti Bread. It was one of the best things I had ever tasted. There were 12 miniature slices bundled in a loaf, the crusty brown edges tasting as beautiful as the  golden spongy insides flecked with red, yellow and green glace fruit. The bread was light with just a hint of saltiness and tearing it up and devouring it as we ... Read More >>

Craisin And Coconut Biscuits

  I baked a batch of these simple biscuits last week to replenish my dwindling cookie supply. They were meant to be chewy cookies but I was preoccupied and left out the egg in the recipe. It turned out to be a good thing. The omission of egg actually made these biscuits crunchy and they lasted longer without going soggy. The craisins looked beautiful and the coconut added a lovely texture to the biscuits.  Chilling is a must as there is virtually nothing binding the dough together other than the butter and maybe a wee bit of cornstarch present in the icing sugar.       Craisin & Coconut Bisc... Read More >>
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Cranberry Zucchini And Walnut Bread

Savoury breads are the new quiche! proclaims an acclaimed food magazine this month as Australia heads into autumn. But this trend is not just limited to our shores, the magazine further explains. Cafes and delis across Europe and the United States are replacing the highly overused quiche with sensational savoury breads that are packed with fruits, nuts and vegetables and baked to a rustic, brown perfection. These breads make excellent brunch ideas and are essentially like tapas, served with an array of cheese, cold meat cuts and salad. I have baked a gorgeous pistachio and raspberry cake in the past and taking inspiration from that recipe ... Read More >>
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Tessa Kiros Inspired Oat Cookies

I realized earlier today that my cookie supply needed to be replenished . I went through a couple of cookbooks till a recipe for simple oat cookies from Tessa Kiros's *Apples For Jam* caught my eye. Picking a recipe you really like, from a gazillion recipes is quite a mean task. It all eventually boils down to the randomness of it all and of course the presentation. This time around I have followed the recipe almost verbatim, but I plan to make this a staple for all our breakfast needs and to keep it interesting, I am going to try these with some coconut or some wheatgerm next time. These turned out quite crispy and moreish and almost lo... Read More >>

Roasted Pumpkin And Chickpea Soup

  After the mad heat of the past few weeks, the weather has cooled down a bit as we head into autumn soon. The chill in the air is beginning to get cooler and the wet weather begs for something heartwarming in a cuppa. Pumpkins are beginning to show up in abundance at the local markets and greengrocers. I scored a lovely little butternut pumpkin last week and was browsing for simple recipes that would be very quick to make, since I was pressed for time and working towards a deadline. I decided to try the "Roasted Pumpkin And Chickpea Soup" recipe from Donna Hay's No Time To Cook which I bought over Christmas. The recipe look... Read More >>