I remember Sundays as a child. There used to be unbelievable excitement leading up to it because it was the only day of the week when we didn't have school (most schools in India conducted classes for half a day even on a Saturday). It was also the day when we were allowed to watch TV and that too in the morning. Mickey & Donald Show set the tone for the day while breakfast (which was usually a delicious egg creation) was savoured over an episode of Star Trek. The extremely tacky and jilted puppet animation of Fireball was lingered on after which we were sent off to explore and do whatever little kids did three decades ago (a whole lot of nothing!).

Sunday lunch was a treat with favourites cooked slowly, filling our little home with unbelievably delicious smells. With a full happy belly, I remember tucking myself in a corner to read for most of the afternoon occasionally taking a break to assist dad in stealing some mangoes from our rooftop terrace with a homemade contraption of a wooden pole and net basket (a glorifies lacrosse stick!). And then we got to watch a movie on TV again in the evening before retiring early, happy and content and ready to start a new week.

I presume that although Sunday was a day of do-what-you-want for us kids, it was a day of catching up for mum and dad. Small repair jobs, cooking and stocking for the next couple of days, doing the laundry, ironing, washing the scooter and other mundane examples of domesticity and home-keeping. Fast forward three decades and we are suddenly in charge of Sundays. We are in charge of giving our boys happy memories of that special day of the week.

Our Sundays are a mixed bunch. Sometimes, they are road trips to pick some fruit from an orchard or a meander through a sleepy coastal suburb and a fish lunch by the wharf. These are the Sundays when the lawn is overgrown and laundry piles up higher than the ceiling. And then there are Sundays when we wake up slowly, give our chickens a bath, watch the roses bloom, spot goannas and kookaburras in our backyard, do a spot of cleaning and cooking, read a book all afternoon and later walk around the neighbourhood catching rare Pokemons. We continue some of mum and dad's Sunday traditions and bring in new ones of our own.As a family. Together. And despite what we do and where we go, Sundays still have that magic that they did when we were kids.

In upcoming Sunday Project posts, I hope to share special recipe projects perfect for the weekend (kombucha, sourdough, baking, sprouting, curry pastes, meal planning, pantry stocking etc), quick reviews and recipe sharing from cookbooks I am cooking from and stories and photos from our adventures. Today, here are some snapshots from the last couple of Sundays! I hope you enjoy this little peek into our world. x