Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls

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Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls - Cook Republic

Food is all about the taste. Some people will tell you that. While others might contest that food is about life, about health, about vitality. Food might be all that, but to me it is all about memories. From past to present to the ones we are yet to make. Just like when you hear a song, you cannot disassociate yourself from the memory it invokes; food has a profound power to take you back in time. It engages the three senses of sight, smell and taste. One moment you are rushing to get dinner sorted before everyone gets home and in the next moment you are hit with a memory of your mother smiling at you as she hands you a plate of your favourite after school snack. A simple whiff of flour sets off a memory so strong that you can feel her warmth, almost taste the sweet butter roll in your mouth before you are overcome with a sudden urge to call and speak to her. Food is about memories that weave in and out of our beings. The comfort they provide. Taste is only secondary.


Whole Wheat Flour

Roti Dough - Cook Republic


It is one such memory that I wish to share with you today. Not a recipe, but a memory. One of my earliest as a child constantly amazed by the beauty and magic of food. On most days when I came back from school, mother would roll a couple of fresh flatbreads from the never ending supply of dough lazing on the counter. I would watch with delight as the flatbreads first cooked on the pan and then went straight on the flame with an interesting looking tong. There they would puff up with air into a ball while breaking out into little charred bubbles of flaky goodness. Mother would grab the roti expertly with the tongs, place it on a plate and give it a gentle pat. The air would escape from the flatbread in a soft hiss. She would spread some home churned butter on the hot flatbread and it would melt and spiral in a pool of gold. She would then sprinkle a sensible amount of coarse sugar on top, roll the flatbread tightly and present it to me with a flourish. "One more mum!" I would say, through my first delicious mouthful. "Coming up" she would reply "Don't stuff your mouth!". Mums!


Making Indian Flatbreads - Roti

Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls - Cook Republic


Relishing the hot bread slathered with butter and sugar in the sanctity of our little kitchen throughout the cool monsoon and cooler winter was a comfort I never forgot. A comfort I hoped to pass on to my own children someday. One afternoon I quietly whipped up some rolls. They were suspicious at first, my ever inquisitive offsprings but all I offered was "This is a special roll that my mum used to make for me when I was a little girl. It made me happy. I hope it can do the same for you." And it did. There were no soccer bruises big enough or a tickle fight gone wrong that a simple Roti Roll couldn't cure or comfort. "I am not feeling so good this afternoon, can I please have a roti roll?". "Mum, can you make roti roll for breakfast on Sunday?". "Mum, you are making rotis for dinner tonight with curry, can I just have a couple of roti rolls instead?" It is not something that I would serve at a dinner party or take to a friend's BBQ, because it is not about the taste. It is about the the comfort it brings.


Making Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls - Cook Republic

Flatbreads - Cook Republic


Food is about memories. You could give a hungry child something as simple as a roti roll and it would become the defining memory of their childhood. Because it would be associated with you and happy times and comfort and sating growling tummies. As we grow up, we experience new food and make new memories. Our idea of comfort food grows up along with us and the roti roll gets replaced with Friday night bolognese or a Sunday roast or that beautiful chocolate cake your friend makes. But you never forget the memories. All it takes is a whiff of flour on a rainy afternoon and you are transported to a wonderful time in your childhood.


Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls

Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls

Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls - Cook Republic

If you would like to taste what my afternoons as a child tasted like, here is the recipe. I can't guarantee that you might love it like I did, but it is simple and lovely and versatile. You could stuff it with anything you like and make your own memory. I have provided some handy suggestions in my notes after the recipe. Below is a picture of my Gummi Bear happily modeling his after school snack ("Don't stick it to your face!" I told him "Don't cuddle it. Just hold it at a decent distance from your mouth!" He is good, isn't he?). Have you passed on a childhood ritual or tradition? What is your story? I would love to hear! x


Sweet Butter Flatbread Rolls




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Whole wheat flatbreads roasted on a pan become a delicious treat after slathering on some butter, sprinkling some sugar and rolling them into a handy roll to munch on.
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Author: Sneh
Servings: 14


  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 cup warm water
  • butter , to smear
  • raw sugar , to sprinkle
  • extra flour for dusting


  • Place flour in a big bowl. Add the salt and olive oil. Toss it gently with your fingers till it resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Make a well in the centre. Add the water. Knead gently at first, then with more force. Knead for about 5 minutes until mixture forms a smooth, pliable dough (it should give when you poke it and spring back slightly like a soft playdough). If you feel it is too hard, add a tiny amount of water and continue kneading. If it is too soft, add a tiny amount of flour and continue kneading. Have fun doing it.
  • Divide dough into little dough balls the size and shape of golf balls. Roll each in the palm of your hand and flatten it into a 1/2 inch thick disc. Dust this with flour and using a rolling pin, roll into a circle 12 to 14 cms in diameter and very thin.
  • Heat a crepe pan/frying pan on medium-high. Place rolled flatbread on the pan. In a few seconds you will see little bumps break out on the dough. Flip the flatbread gently and cook the other side for about 20 seconds. Flip again and cook the other side until you it looks completely cooked with no raw bits (darker dough). If your flatbread starts puffing at this point, you are doing great. One flatbread takes about a maximum of 2 minutes to cook.
  • Repeat this with the remaining flatbreads, or stop first to slather your first flatbread with butter, sprinkle some raw sugar, roll and enjoy.


You can make these flatbreads and use them as wraps for salads, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken or tofu.
You could use them in place of tortillas or sandwich your favourite filling and press them in a panini press.
Did you make my recipe?I'd love to hear how you went! Tag me on Instagram @cookrepublic


Note - This post was developed and written for Kidspot as part of my 3-post series for Voices Of Australia 2013 - Top 5 Food & Wellbeing Finalists. It first appeared here.

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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    HAHAHA! This is awesome! I love those last group of shots. Oh, and that butter and the sprinkle of salt... well, you have me drooling girl!

  2. Kankana

    I think most Indian kids has this exact same memories like yours. As a kid I never liked roti, was always a rice eater, but that ghee, sugar roti or butter sugar roti would happen almost everyday and it was every kid's favorite in our home 🙂 Beautiful post Sneh and your kiddo is super photogenic!

  3. milkteaxx

    lovely lovely photos, i cant wait to make this! ive been looking for something like this but havent found anything that tickles my fancy.

  4. Shumaila

    Sneh absolutely agree with you on food invoking memories. Thats what it means to me too. And what gorgeous pictures! As a child my mom would actually make something similar, but it differed in the terms that she would break the pieces of roti into tiny pieces. And then pour some hot ghee and sugar on top. We called it choori and whenever I was sick or not in the mood to eat veggies I would ask my mom to make that. it was a healthy dessert of sorts. Thanks for sharing your memories and reminding us of ours!

  5. Rosa

    Those flatbreads are marvelous! Roti is something I never get bored of eating.

    Stunning pictures!



  6. Charul @ Tadka Masala

    Oh! what a post! You reminded me of so many memories. I have this never ending obsession with mom-made daal palak. It used to be and still is my comfort food.
    For all those times when I needed something sweet it was shakkar ka paratha. Just like aloo parantha just that stuffed with sugar and ghee instead. I would wait patiently for my mom to finish making all the rotis, because shakkar ka parantha would be the last thing to go on the griddle, as the sugar caramelize the griddle making it difficult to make further rotis.
    And, really mums! They have this super-power to make something as simple as daal-palak a life long memory for you. 🙂

  7. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    A post that reminds me of my sweet childhood memories. Mom made sweet butter rotis and she mashed it all up while it's hot! So delish 🙂

    Love the last photos of your kiddo -- so cute!

  8. Sarvani (baker in disguise)

    awwww.. roti with butter and sugar!! now that's what I want.. and I want it NOW!!!

  9. thelittleloaf

    I can still remember that completely ravenous feeling on getting home from school as a child! My Mum would always let us have hot toast with butter and Marmite, although if we were lucky sometimes we'd get a fresh pastry from the local bakery. Love the way food and memory are so intertwined.

  10. Lisa the Gourmet Wog

    any bread recipe that omits yeast is a winner in my eyes! Can't wait to give this a try

  11. Georgia

    Hi Sneh! Just stumbled upon your blog today! Love it! Eating warm roti smeared with butter sometimes feels like a hug from childhood memories past 🙂 This recipe is definitely a keeper. When we were kids my siblings and I loved our roti with butter and jam! I've never had it with sugar...I am sure it works best with brown sugar...crunchy and yummy. Look forward to reading more of your food stories!

  12. Laura (Tutti Dolci)

    I'd happily much on these rolls! Love the shots of your son!

  13. Colette @ JFF!

    You have the cutest li'l roti model!

  14. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I've always been hesitant to try flatbread at home. I figured I would just make a mess. How silly because in most cases I don't mind tossing it in the bin if I have a fail. I'm inspired!

    Gorgeous photos and that last gallery made me grin from ear to ear.

  15. Courtney

    Such a beautiful post Sneh! Maybe your son will make sweet butter flatbread rolls for his children in the future - wouldn't that be nice? For me it's my mother's homemade scones with jam and cream that evoke so many lovely childhood memories.

  16. Divya

    Hi Sneh, you've reminded me of chinni ka paratha! My mum used to douse those in salted butter and they tasted divine. I haven't seen her for almost two years now and am a tad homesick after reading this post. My granny serves them with fresh cream and tangy mango pickle, the flavours come together so well and just explode in your mouth! Give it a whirl 🙂

  17. Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

    Awwww, too cute! I can't wait to give this a try! I could see myself just topping this off with some butter and devouring it for dinner!

  18. Knitnell

    Such a lovely post with gorgeous photographs. Thank you also for the recipe. Cheers.

  19. Jennifer @ Delicieux

    I agree Sneh, food is definitely about memories. I love how the scent of a certain dish, or a taste, can transport you to a different time and place, or even invoke a certain feeling. And I can see how these flatbreads left you with wonderful memories of your childhood. It's so wonderful you can now share that with your children too.

    Absolutely gorgeous photos as always Sneh. Just so beautiful!

  20. Merryn@merrynsmenu

    What wonderful flatbread pictures. A simple but incredibly good offering depicted in gorgeous photographs. What great reading for this wet morning 😀

  21. Reem

    You have to believe me, this post bought tears to my eyes. Growing up Makhan, roti, chini was like a piece of heaven for me. My grandmother use to make it for me all the time. No matter what was being served as dinner, this was something that always made me happy.
    Now I make it for my kids, n every time I cook it I can feel my Badimom's love in my kitchen.
    I think I'll be making this tonite too... So true some time food is all about memories, memories that make us who we are.



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