Grape Pickle With Rosemary And Star Anise

Lately, I have been a permanent fixture at my local plant nursery. It might have dethroned the bookstore as my Wednesday morning mind-wandering session. I realized that after I lost track of nearly two hours while in there for two weeks in a row. As my home gives refuge to a new pot of trailing ivy or an explosion of unusual fern every week, the visits have to stop or I might run the risk of growing an indoor forest. There is nothing wrong wi... Read More >>

Roasted Red Capsicum Hummus

  I have been testing and developing recipes for clients over an extensive two month period. It is wonderfully creative, often a challenge and always very satisfying. But it also makes me ache for simpler days where I cook something off the top of my head or draw inspiration simply from the produce bowl on the counter. Five or six ingredients at best, cooked and put together very organically without measuring cups, spoons or recipe jour... Read More >>

15 Minute Home Churned Salted Maple Butter

  Sometimes on those very rare occasions that I am browsing something other than food on the interwebs, it is uplifting to come across an article that improves your daily life. Forbes recently posted an article about the 5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8am. It sounded like something I needed to do to conquer my precious time, often wasted by online distractions like the very article I had just read. I go to bed quite late and... Read More >>

Apple Chai Spice Jam

  Everything in life has a purpose. There is a multi-gazillion dollar industry built on that very fact. A car is for driving and not scuba diving. A hat is to wear and not use as a fish bowl. A frying pan is to fry eggs and not play tennis. But there are loopholes to these rules and imagine finding a legitimate one which really works. How happy and proud will you feel? Like using a pantyhose (clean and brand new) to strain your chicken ... Read More >>

On Turning 36 And How To Make Tomato Water

  I am 36 today. It is my birthday. It kind of crept up on me. It crept up on my family. It managed to scare them because they were caught unawares. While the boys got busy with their craft box, Nick assured me there would be cake and good food that evening and not cooked or baked by me. I always love that! Half an hour later, I had an armful of lovely artwork and homemade chopsticks in my favourite colour - yellow!  I don't feel a... Read More >>

Passionfruit Butter (Curd)

  I wrote about my first encounter with passion fruit a very long time ago on the blog. The first time I ever cooked with it, I made passion fruit ice cream. Talk about over achieving! But I quickly lost my ambition and reverted back to enjoying it the way I usually do - with a spoon. That is, if any passion fruit was left over. One slice of the fruit and a slight trickle of the juice is enough for Rivs to come sniffing around like a gr... Read More >>