Noodle Free Pad Thai - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree #vegetarian

Noodle Free Pad Thai

A traditional pad thai is one of my favourite things to eat. But it does take a bit of work. And needs to be enjoyed straight away as it has a tendency to get gluggy and sticky because of the rice noodles. Now imagine if there was a pad thai recipe that had all those nutty, sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavours but was extremely fresh and crisp and required absolutely no cooking. A noodle free pad thai! A healthy meal prep dream! Are you exci... Read More >>
Vegan Scrambled Spice Eggs (Tofu And Turmeric) - Cook Republic

Vegan Scrambled Spice Eggs (Tofu And Turmeric Scramble)

A lot has happened in the chicken coop in the past two years. We first brought home three Isa Brown hens in late 2011 - Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. A year later we added the majestic black Australorp Toad to the family. Then in 2014, we lost Mario, Yoshi and Toad to tumours and fox attacks. Our chicken coop now houses Luigi with some hybrid additions - Professor Snape, Snowy, Baymax and Storm. Five feisty free ranging hens feeding on homemade por... Read More >>
Thai Red Curry Soup With Sweet Potato Noodles - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree #plantbased

Thai Red Curry Tofu Soup With Sweet Potato Noodles

A good spiralizer can change your life. I have the Paderno brand and it is so easy to noodle the living daylights out of any veggie, that even a four year old can do it. But there is this thing. Not all veggies are four-year old friendly in terms of noodling. There is a reason why most brands show a gorgeous, perfectly primped lady spiralizing zucchinis. And not a frenzied woman, hair a wild mess, struggling to spiralize a sweet potato. Becau... Read More >>
Prawn And Tofu Pad Thai - Cook Republic

Prawn And Tofu Pad Thai

A sizzling wok of perfect rice noodles tossed with big juicy Yamba prawns, slices of charred tofu, crisp snow peas and the sweet, sour, salty, spicy flavours of the most beloved Asian takeaway dish - Pad Thai becomes a speedy weeknight dinner. Fresh and flavourful, you will want to make this every week! There are Pad Thai fan boys (and girls!) out there. I am one of them. If we are dining at a Thai restaurant, I order it. If we are being laz... Read More >>

Tofu Miso Ramen Burger

  I have a terrible weakness for noodles in unusual eating scenarios. I love noodles rolled up in an omelette, baked in a frittata or noodlecakes. So last night while browsing food news on my iPad, when I came across this headline "Ramen Burger takes over Cronut as the new food craze!"; I had to investigate further. An hour of googling various sources revealed that the Ramen Burger was Ramen noodles shaped into a burger bun an... Read More >>