Pineapple And Coconut Loaf - Cook Republic

Pineapple And Coconut Loaf

Did you know that pineapple fruitcake was flown on Apollo 11 into space and back to earth and that very slice now sits at the Smithsonian, probably in a glass case? If I was on that mission, I don't think any slice would have made it back to earth. My first brush with pineapple cake was when I had just finished high school and a bunch of us were hanging out at a girlfriend's home. Her mum had a pineapple cake just casually sitting in the fridge. She cut big slices for us and we sat on the couch with our big bowls and spooned the almost pudding like cake in our mouths. I remember thinking that I had died and gone to heaven. It was quite possibly the most delicious cake I had ever eaten in... Read More >>
Broccoli Soup With Cashew Cream - Cook Republic

Broccoli Soup With Cashew Cream

I find that vegetables are a lot like people. Some are ready to be your friend the minute you meet them while some need a nice conversation or two to warm up to you while some need a whole lot of cajoling and tender loving care to let down their guard and allow their true nature to shine. Broccoli falls in the second category. Although you could eat broccoli raw, a little bit of attention and cooking will make it taste not only fantastic but reduce the awful gas in your tummy that is caused by virtually all members of the cabbage family. Broccoli soup can either be a nightmare experience or not, depending on how you cook it. I learned it the hard way after I forgot it on the stove once a... Read More >>
Avocado And Lime Margarita - Cook Republic

Avocado And Lime Margarita

A few months ago I got involved in a fun avocado project where I had to create 30 Instagram posts of recipe inspirations highlighting the mighty avo, one for every day of the month. After the initial excitement of avocado toast and guacamole wore off, I had a terrible sinking feeling that I had run out of avo juice on the third day of the project. What does one do with avocado besides smear it on toast and mash it up in a delicious guac for taco night? So after I had a little meltdown, I started looking on Pinterest for inspiration. I noticed that the most common use of avocado besides the two recipes I just mentioned were sliced up beautifully in a salad.  Does slicing and dicing an ing... Read More >>
Flourless Chocolate Cake - Cook Republic

Flourless Chocolate Cake

A good flourless chocolate cake is molten and rich on the inside while the outside is held up by a thin baked facade of chocolate. A cracked sinking crater on top is a testament to that perfect ballooning and collapsing of the egg and chocolate rich batter. It is a no brainer of a recipe. Melt chocolate and butter, whisk egg whites and yolks separately. Add it all together and bake. No brainer! And the result is truly spectacular and instantly special. It could be a private treat for you and your plus one, baked in a pudding mould and eaten straight from it, legs entwined on the couch with a spoon to share. Or a dessert centrepiece at your weekend party, planted on a cake stand and piled... Read More >>
Lemonade Sling - Cook Republic

Lemonade Sling

Since sharing the story of our Cocktail & Oyster Night ritual on the blog many posts ago, I have received numerous emails and messages affirming what a fun idea it was for parents who don't always have the luxury of going out on dates. A lot of those emails and messages requested that I share some of the cocktails that we (mostly Nick!) come up with for our date night at home. Consider it done! And what better day to share a cocktail recipe than a Friday? Just like my food, I love cocktails that are fuss free and dead simple. To be fair, cocktails are usually dead simple. I mean, you basically pour and squeeze things in a nice shaker and go Tom Cruise on it with style. Right? (I j... Read More >>
Zucchini And Sweet Potato Slice - Cook Republic

Zucchini And Sweet Potato Slice

  When my boys were little and eating well (or even eating for that matter) was the farthest things from their minds, friends with older kids would always encourage me to have hope because they had older boys that single-handedly demolished their fridges and pantries every month. I used to smile indulgently wondering  how that could even be possible with my two. And then my first born went through a growth spurt and arrived at the thresh hold of puberty/teen years simultaneously and everything changed. For the first time, I realised that there may be some truth to what older parents say to younger ones and that it is not just a lot of fluff and privileged talk that comes from them hav... Read More >>
Peach Grape And Thyme Galette - Cook Republic

Peach Grape And Thyme Galette

I love the wildness that a galette brings to the dessert table. A tiny bit messy and a whole lot rustic, it is the free spirited child of a pie. One of the main advantages of a galette (which is essentially a freeform pie) over an actual old-fashioned pie is that you don't have to bake the pastry twice. There are only a handful of galettes I make with a rhubarb and strawberry number being the most baked in my kitchen but come summer and a juicy peach galette is a must. Ever since I started using the Magimix Cook Expert last year, I have completely stopped buying store bought pastry. This fabulous appliance has a pastry function which allows me to tip all pastry ingredients in the bowl an... Read More >>
Turmeric Daal - Cook Republic

Turmeric Daal

We eat daal once a week, sometimes twice or even thrice (when I am feeling especially lazy). I have cooked at least fifty different kinds of daal on thousands of occasions. But for some inexplainable reason, I don't have a single daal recipe on the blog. None. So this year as I return to cooking and blogging just for the sheer pleasure of it all, I thought I would share the daal that runs through my vein (quite literally) because growing up, I ate this daal at least 2-3 times a week. It was what I called - magic daal. Because it changed from a fiery orange to a bright canary yellow after it cooked. What??? My little four year old brain couldn't get over the wonder of it all. The only rea... Read More >>
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