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Iced Cardamom Coffee

Happy New Year folks! What a scorcher it has been over the past few days here in Sydney. With temperatures soaring during peak summer, a much needed afternoon cup of coffee may only wake you up but not necessarily cool you down. And that is why my dear friends, the iced coffee was invented. It is my favourite drink of choice on hot summer days and some hot summer nights as well – with a generous dollop of home-made vanilla ice cream of course! As much as I love a tall glass of iced coffee with a scoop of ice cream after dinner (it was a treat we really looked forward to as children and one that was reserved for very special occasions!), I am now an adult and have to be sensible about ... Read More >>
Coffee And Cream Pavlova - Cook Republic

Coffee And Cream Pavlova + Pavlova 101

It is that time of the year when a lot of us who love to entertain go on the hunt for the perfect show-stopping dessert. Because come on, a glorious dessert is worth much more at a gathering than any dish you create, isn’t it? I obsess a lot about what to cook and serve my guests at a dinner party but more so for the dessert. I like to get my dessert sorted early on especially because desserts can be made ahead. It always makes me feel more prepared for the big day. So every year, I try to create something reasonably spectacular according to my standards. And by that I mean, that it would not only be amazing to look at but require minimal effort, not be overly sweet and be as appealing t... Read More >>
Avocado And Lime Ice Cream - Cook Republic

Avocado And Lime Ice Cream, Prop Problems And Feeling Lost

A lot has happened since the last two times I did a little catch-up on the blog. So I thought I'll fill you in on what has been happening in my kitchen and in my life. Things have gotten out of hand. Props have gone wild. I repeat, Props have gone wild! That is my take from looking at pictures in those old catch up posts and walking around my home looking at stacks and stacks of props - in the kitchen, in the garage, in the study and heck even in my bedroom! Like Samuel L Jackson in movies, my props are literally everywhere. And the more I have, the less I feel I am able to achieve. After having that epiphany a few weeks ago, I systematically started sorting through my prop shelves, draw... Read More >>
Smoky Eggplant Curry Dip - Cook Republic

Smoky Eggplant Curry Dip

The Baingan Bharta, a fire roasted twice-cooked eggplant curry is India's version of Baba Ganoush. A truly rustic celebration of the whole fruit, both dishes follow a base cooking method of roasting a whole eggplant with only a few small differences. Typically the Indian smoked eggplant curry is created by roasting a whole eggplant on a naked flame, scooping the flesh out and then stir-frying the smoked flesh in a pan with spices. It is then served with flatbread. Some variations require you to prick the skin of the eggplant prior to roasting, but I have never done that. Fire roasting imparts the dish with that signature smoky flavour and it was the method I saw my mum adopt throughout m... Read More >>
Pineapple And Lychee Fizz - Cook Republic

Pineapple And Lychee Fizz

Nothing screams summer more than a perfectly golden pineapple with a spiky green crown instantly transporting you to a gently swaying hammock under lush palm fronds. And then you bring some lime, some lychees, some rum and a whole lot of ice and you can sway yourself into dreamy oblivion. I have recently started sharing our cocktail recipes which have become a special ritual on Friday nights. Over the years, our trusty SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker has played a very important role in making our Friday nights a success. When I recently collaborated with them on their new SodaStream Power machine, I wanted to showcase hot summer vibes with pineapples. Pina Colada is one of my favourite ... Read More >>
Chai Latte Tiramisu - Cook Republic / styling & photo, Sneh Roy


Christmas is just over six weeks away. Okay, now you can panic! I had that moment about two weeks ago when I realised that the whole year had slipped through my fingers and that my boys and loved ones would be the only ones waking up to no presents under the tree, if I didn't get my act together. So I started putting aside 15 minutes each day to research and order/plan/buy presents both online and in stores. Two weeks of 15 minutes a day and I am so chuffed that I have managed to sort it all out, presents, cards, donations and food. I also managed to plan our Christmas lunch and dessert. Amazing what a few distraction free minutes a day can do huh? My planning also happened to co... Read More >>
Super Green Turmeric Bloody Mary - Cook Republic

Super Green Turmeric Bloody Mary And Date Nights

Nick and I met 21 years ago when we were starry eyed and 18. Within a month, we had forged a bond that went deeper than societal norms and expectations. It started with an easy going friendship that blossomed into love. We dated for the longest time – 6 years. Then came marriage and a couple of years later, the birth of our older boy. The once starry eyes were red rimmed with lack of sleep and the love was there but hiding under the covers with a bawling baby that refused to sleep. The years went by and another bubbly bundle arrived, this one feisty and determined to make his parents run around, as if moving countries and renovating the house of their dreams wasn’t hard enough. Th... Read More >>

Avocado Matcha And Egg Face Mask

I am a deep believer of natural beauty and wellness therapies. Having grown up on home made face and hair masks, I have always been a fan of using food on our bodies. If something is good enough to eat and is acceptable to apply on our bodies, then why not reap its natural benefits? Understanding how raw ingredients like fruit, vegetables and spices work, is key to creating a concoction that will enhance the feeling of wellness and work a miracle on your body. My favourite natural ingredients are honey, turmeric, lemon and eggs. With their mix of astringent and binding properties, they are super helpful in creating homemade  elixirs, creams and treatments. It is almost like mixing and... Read More >>
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