September 2010

Month: September 2010

Buttermilk Banana Walnut Bread

As bakers, we underestimate the value of having a frozen loaf of a delicious cake or bread in the freezer. A frozen slab of something spongy and fluffy, just waiting to be heated or toasted in the oven will cure those midday blues and save your skin when you have to magically conjure up a treat for unexpected guests late one evening.  In addition to vowing to replenish my cookie jar every week with freshly baked cookies, I have decided to... Read More >>

Cornflake Choc Chip Cookies

Finding a cookie recipe that is like a blank canvas that you can paint  on with different colours every single time is like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow, rare but so worth it. The recipe I am about to share is that blank canvas for me.    I found this recipe in a very old cooking magazine, late 90s I think. It looked relatively easy, so I made it and it was the perfect crumbly cookie recipe a baker could ask f... Read More >>

Healthy Cardamom Teacake

    For almost a year I have stored in my pantry a bottle of rice bran oil that happened to be in one of the show bags at the Good Food And Wine Show. We are prolific olive oil users in this house with the exception of chili oil and sesame oil for asian cuisine. So rice bran oil just sits there all by itself not knowing what to do with itself.     Over the recent weeks, I have undertaken the extremely fun task of e... Read More >>