Chocolate And Assam Tea Prune Brownies

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Chocolate Assam Tea Prune Brownies
The inspiration for this brownie came from the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook. They have a delectable brownie recipe that calls for prunes macerated in alcohol for three days. As amazing as it sounds, I am always a tad skeptical about giving the kids anything alcohol soaked. So I decided to experiment with Assam tea.
Chocolate Prune Brownies
I brewed some hot, strong Assam tea and soaked the prunes in it. I let them soak for 24 hours. The brownies that I baked with them were moist with a beautiful flaky crust and chewy fudgey middle redolent with a delicate tea flavour. The chocolate and tea soaked prunes went very well together. Coming across a juicy prune as I bit into the brownie was a treat I was looking forward to in every bite. 
Chocolate Prune Brownie
The kids had a customary brownie mainly to please me but were not crazy about it. The adults on the other hand couldn't stop at one. In retrospect I should I made the brownies with alcohol soaked brownies and just spared the kids the misery of having to eat a chocolate cake with suspicious bits in it.
Chocolate Prune Brownie
As with all Bourke Street Bakery recipes, this one is unique and hits the sweet spot. It is worth it just to have your friend bite into a brownie and amidst sighs of approval try to figure out what that beautiful taste is?
Recipe Card 




Preparation Time - 20 minutes + 24 hours soaking
Baking Time - 1 hour
Makes - 32


1 1/3 cup pitted prunes, chopped
200ml hot Assam tea
55g plain flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
300g good quality dark chocolate
80g unsalted butter
300g caster sugar
4 eggs
100g sour cream
1 cup dark chocolate melts


Place the prunes in a bowl. Pour over the tea. Cover and set aside for 24 hours.
Preheat the oven to 170C(325F). Grease a 20 x 30 x 4 cm ( 8 x 12 x 1 1/2 inch ) rectangular cake tin and line the base and sides with baking paper.
Sift the flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder in a bowl.. Put the chocolate, butter and sugar in a stainless steel bowl and sit over a pan of simmering water, making sure the base of the bowl does not touch the water. Stir for 10 minutes until the chocolate has melted. Allow to cool.
Add eggs one at a time to the chocolate mixture and mix with an electric mixer until well combined. Add the flour, sour cream and mix with the mixer. Stir in chocolate melts and prunes gently until just combined.
Spoon mixture into prepared tin and bake in the oven for 1 hour until just set. Allow to cool completely in the tin before turning it out. Dip knife in hot water, wipe down and cut to make neat squares. Dust with some cocoa powder. The brownies will stay for upto 4 days at room temperature. If they last.



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  1. Bhakti

    Hi Sneh,
    I dnt know how I landed onto ur website....but browsing thru it made me feel so hungry for brownies esp. I like ur effort and passion with food blogging. Keep it up!!

  2. Andrea (questfordelish)

    I love brownies that are crusty on the top and dark and moist in the inside.

  3. Aldy @ Al Dente Gourmet

    Sneh, This sounds absolutely lovely! Looks so crunchy and delicate 🙂 Gorgeous!

    Hugs <3

  4. Vijitha

    What a brilliant idea to add tea to brownies? I am sure that will further deepen the brown shade. I add tea extract for darkening the color of chole masala. I hate prunes, somehow that has never been in my grocery list. I used to buy that during pregnancy. Now after seeing your post, I am curious to try it in brownies 🙂

  5. Nash

    Good to see this thing and I was just like starving while watching the pictures. These really looks smashing! I love the thought of Assam tea, prunes, and chocolate together. Great!

  6. jas

    oh my! you know I bake cakes and blog them but there's something about a moist fudgy, slightly crunchy on top brownie that takes my heart (read: taste buds) away! I will be trying these!

  7. Ellie | Gourmand Recipes

    I have been drooling over these brownies since I bought the book. Your photos look even better than the one in the cookbook. Love your Assam tea soaked prunes. Wished I could have a slice now.

  8. Madame Fromage

    Goodness, these look smashing! I love the thought of Assam tea, prunes, and chocolate together. You just made my night. Lovely blog. Just discovered it as I wandered the Net. Cheers!

  9. Jun

    I am a big fan of Bourke Street Bakery. I don't own the cookbook. I have never been there. But I read about it so much, it is one place that I am obsessed about every time I think of bread and Sydney.

    I would try making this in the near future. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  10. Anamika

    Brownies for me tops the list of all things good and these pics are just so so good. With the perfect crust. And ya even I'm going to try with alcohol but loved the idea of assam tea. Thanks for sharing such a fab recipe!

  11. Holiday Baker Man

    What a great combination!

  12. J2Kfm (Malaysian Food & Travel)

    Amazing shots, jumped here from Meeta's site. I'll be back for more inspiring shots.

  13. penny aka jeroxie

    One word - YUM! The photos are amazing and I bet it tastes amazing. I have been to try out this recipe.

  14. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    I've loved every recipe that I've made from Bourke Street Bakery so far, so I'm sure I would love this as well. I like the way you did the recipe in the photo, really nice!

    • Sneh

      Thanks Sylvie 🙂 That book is such a powerhouse of amazing recipes!

  15. Manju

    those look soo nice and crumbly!!

  16. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

    What a fascinating combination of flavors -- really a unique brownie!

  17. Petra

    Yum! - and what a gorgeous recipe card - your best yet!

  18. chinmayie @ love food eat

    I have no words!! This just makes me want to cry!!! Such a perfect looking brownie... love the crust and the gooey insides 🙂 Once again I am a great fan of your photos! There is something very unique about your style!

    • Sneh

      Thanks very much Chinmayie!

  19. kankana

    I have always liked trying out with ingredients but never thought of adding tea anywhere. I am a tea drinker and this brownies are straight in my wish list now. Saw some gorgeous prunes last weekend in the market .. will have to pick those when I go this time.

  20. Thanh @ eat little bird

    Gorgeous photos! I am an absolute fan of brownies and prunes, so this recipe could be a real winner with me. I happen to love prunes soaked in alcohol (such as Armagnac) ... you've got my taste buds tempted!

  21. Sommer@ASpicyPerspective

    Wow, I've heard of black bean brownies, but never prune brownies. You are my hero!

  22. The Yummy Morsel

    Looks Yum! Beautiful pics.

  23. eatmarvin

    Looks crunchy and delicious! I could probably eat the whole tray! 🙂

  24. Ali

    Love how your brownies look... so mouth watering. Loved the idea of using tea instead of alcohol at least I can make this 🙂 Such a lovely post, nice blog 🙂

    • Sneh

      Thanks for stopping by Ali!

  25. Grishma

    Love the idea of using tea into chocolate brownies
    Beautiful pics as well.

  26. Y

    I like the idea of an assam tea infused brownie. Hard to believe the kids didn't take to it at all (it's chocolate!) .. but more for the adults is a definite plus 🙂

  27. pickyin @ LifeIsGreat

    While I already have a favorite brownie recipe, I might just try this one when I feel like having 'suspicious bits' in my brownies. Not that Vijay would touch any of it if the prunes are inside (... which may be a good thing for me).

    • Sneh

      Vijay won't eat suspicious bits? lol

  28. Sukaina

    When will we mothers learn and stop sneaking 'suspicious bits' into foods?! Well I would have more than one anytime. Love the vintage feel to your photos Sneh!

  29. Amanda @ Traditional Foods

    I like the recipe (and photos of course). I like your twist on the prune soaking but I may need to try the alcohol. 🙂

  30. Jennifer (Delicieux)

    Your brownies look delectable Sneh!! I love how you've incorporated tea instead of alcohol.

  31. chocolatesuze

    love the look of your beautifully crackly brownies!

  32. Lisa

    Oooh I made this recipe (with the tea, not the booze) when I first got the book and they disappeared before I could take any photos hah. I loved the prunes but I think I'll try them with dates next time I make them. Love your gorgeous moody photos!

    • Sneh

      Dates sound good. I should try them with dates and alcohol I think too!


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