Friday List And Taking Time - Cook Republic

A lot of important milestones have passed since I last did a catch-up here on the blog. We are nearing a year of being in our renovated home. It has been two years since I wrote Tasty Express and one year since it was released. Cook Republic quietly ambled past the ten year mark. We lost chickens, we brought more home. I became a certified graphic designer. I completed a basic Ceramics course and learned to hand-form and wheel-throw pots. I finally conducted the workshops I had always talked about. I loved doing them and have many more in the planning stages.

I am taking time this year on. Time to absorb more and do things at a slower pace. I am learning to not say "I am busy!" on most days. It is a long trek, but with discipline I know I will get to a place that will feel right. Every time I don't take on a new project that would otherwise throw off the delicate balance of my work and personal life, it feels like a victory. When asked to write another book (twice) in the past 6 months, gently turning down the offer because the time is not right; feels like a victory. Not committing to yet another social media gathering, feels like a victory. Hanging around the family till everyone is sick of each other, feels like a victory. Going on a walkabout with just my camera and no one and nothing else to really obscure everyday places like parks and playgrounds and quiet streets, feels like a victory.

The subtle sadness of abandoning a blog after it assists you in your success is something I am not willing to partake in. And so you must have noticed the steady increase in my appearance here, my constant soul-feeding playground. This seeking and squirrelling away time has resulted in daily breakfasts (often slow simmered in a pot in the morning light), weekends away from work, shared breakfast tables on Sunday, dates with couches, blankets and silly movies, walks, bike rides, cooking three new recipes every week, listening, sitting, staring, healing a mind that burned out over the past couple of years. I have read six books this year and am about to head for my inaugural book club night with my girlfriends tonight. Taking time. Feels right.

lead image - the new chicken pen we have built for our 6 ladies with room to move and chairs to perch on.