Vegan Coffee And Caramel Overnight Oats - Cook Republic #vegan #breakfast

Vegan Coffee Caramel Overnight Oats

When the chill of the new season sets in, autumn traditions are awakened from their deep slumber. After the daily bowls of hot creamy oats are dished out and my tribe heads out to work and learn; I linger in the dappled sunlight streaming in my kitchen windows. And indulge in one of my favourite autumn traditions. Grinding coffee beans by hand and losing myself in the rich aroma of coffee as it slowly percolates on the heat in my old Italian ... Read More >>
Blackberry Overnight Oats - Cook Republic

Blackberry Overnight Oats

Every summer our blackberry vine creeps a bit further and grows more tendrils that become robust branches heaving with juicy black fruit at the peak of the season. It is amazing how many berries you can stuff in your mouth when you are picking them off the vines. As a result, I am never left over with any blackberries to freeze. Luckily, our local supermarket stocks an organic brand of frozen blackberries which is a key fixture in my freezer ... Read More >>
5 Minute Blueberry Chia Lassi - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree

5 Minute Blueberry Chia Lassi

In the cooler months, I forgo my usual morning smoothie for a hot breakfast. On most days a big bowl of steaming porridge does wonders for my soul. Some other days I'll fry an egg with some sautéed mushrooms and greens and eat it with a sprinkling of dukkah. On days like those, I'll make a small batch of this 5 Minute Blueberry Chia Lassi and pack it in a jar for my herb gardening or podcast walking session. When you have worked up a sweat, i... Read More >>
Ginger Chia Pudding With Papaya And Lime - Cook Republic

Ginger Chia Pudding With Papaya And Lime

I have been making this chia pudding a lot. That's because when we are on the couch at night watching Netflix, I am trying to avoid reaching for those tubs of Connoisseur ice cream that invariably end up in my shopping trolley during my supermarket dash. I have a basic chia pudding recipe that I pull out every time I want to make it as I can never remember the liquid to chia ratio. Chia is a liquid hog and like a thirsty desert traveller, it ... Read More >>
Barker's Blackcurrant Chia Nourish Shake - Cook Republic

Barker’s Blackcurrant Chia Nourish Shake

A cold front is moving across Australia this week bringing flurries of snow, bone chilling winds and much talk and excitement about the crazy weather. Because we needed something to talk about after tsk tsk-ing autumn’s no show just a month ago. It may be the perfect weather to shovel big spoonfuls of creamy hot porridge but winter chill and hot porridge is so passé, don’t you think? The cold ignites my sense of being, it makes me feel... Read More >>

Matcha Coconut And Chia Pudding

My love for matcha is legendary. At least here on the blog. An acquired taste, matcha is the fine ground powder of a specially grown green tea. Grown in the shade away from direct sunlight, the tender leaves of the green tea are grown for a mere three weeks before harvesting. The delicate tea that results from this process is a gorgeous dark shade and has increased amounts of chlorophyll due to the absence of the sun. The leaves are hand pick... Read More >>