Blood Orange Granita

One of the hardest citrus trees to grow, blood oranges usually have a very short season and therefore very prized in the culinary circuit. In the past few years I have seen them in abundance and their supply seems to be growing. Yay for all those blood orange groves that have mastered their fruiting trees. Every year when the red belly, crimson fleshed fruit makes an appearance at the markets, I buy by the bucket (Sorry Australia, I might be ... Read More >>

Roasted Rhubarb And Chia Parfait

In a month when the weather starts getting golden with long spells of warm sunshine, my obsession with Birchers will return. But in the mean while, a pot of coconut soaked chia with spice roasted rhubarb is warming some of my nights and most of my mornings. A decadent pudding which allows you to drastically up your chia intake in the most delicious manner, this parfait is a clever little thing. It requires zero cooking and happily soaks itsel... Read More >>

Coconut Cream Horns Plus Get Published And Win A Magimix Patissier Worth $1199

When I was growing up, our weekends were spent at grandma’s where we would arrive late Friday night after a short train ride journeying against the flow of weary office travellers headed home. By the time we would arrive at grandma’s, I would be asleep often having to be carried up the two flights of curving wooden stairs inside the old stone building. An early riser, I would rest my chin on the smooth bannister of the balcony railing in ... Read More >>

Gingerbread Tiramisu

If there is one dessert you will make for Christmas, let it be this one. A Gingerbread Tiramisu that can be dressed up as a spectacular slab cake or in a small army of individual glass dessert cups as a rustic after dinner treat that you won't be able to resist. This is my favourite dessert, the one that shall pass my lips on my last day if there is time for it. It is so popular in our home that I make it once every couple of months. Come C... Read More >>

Chocolate Bomba With Tiramisu Cream And Win A Trip To Italy With Lavazza

  I am an Italophile (except when it comes to soccer!). Somewhere along the way I also became a Francophile but - Italy! Day dreaming ensues at the mere mention of that word. I have wanted to go to Tuscany forever and although I have never set foot in the country, I have my own impressions of what I can expect when I am there (thanks to the Internet!). Italy embodies good food, a simple rustic lifestyle, Jamie Oliver, giant tomatoes, br... Read More >>

Peanut Butter And Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie Plus Win 5 One Year Subscriptions To Taste Magazine

  Once in a while, you will see something that will spark an idea, followed by a chain of thought and create a little story in the complex labyrinth of your brain. You will connect the dots and create a real tangible memory in the real world. And if food is involved, that memory will live on for many years retold over shared tables and quiet moments on the couch reflecting on a certain taste or time with your loved ones. I saw a picture... Read More >>