Puffed Brown Rice And Grape Salad Plus Win A Marble Fruit Bowl From Marble Basics

Over the past few years, I have truly gravitated towards eating seasonal. Which means apart from buying from local farms and small organic co-ops, I also adapt more of a seasonal approach to sourcing an ingredient when its season is coming to a close. I either freeze, bottle or can it to keep it longer in my kitchen. In the past I would buy Australian garlic or grapes during their season here. Once their season finished off, I would often... Read More >>

Caramel Grape Pound Cake

Back in the good old days, a pound each of basic baking ingredients was quite literally mixed in a bowl to get what became known as the pound cake. One can never go wrong with an old-fashioned pound cake. Soft, pillowy and yet firm when warm from the oven, a pound cake tastes even better unadorned and stale a couple of days later. With the Aussie grape season fast coming to a close in the end of May, I tend to buy grapes even more and use... Read More >>

Grape Pickle With Rosemary And Star Anise

Lately, I have been a permanent fixture at my local plant nursery. It might have dethroned the bookstore as my Wednesday morning mind-wandering session. I realized that after I lost track of nearly two hours while in there for two weeks in a row. As my home gives refuge to a new pot of trailing ivy or an explosion of unusual fern every week, the visits have to stop or I might run the risk of growing an indoor forest. There is nothing wrong wi... Read More >>

Beetroot And Cacao Nib Smoothie And The Weekend In Pictures

  How was your weekend? I spent an afternoon with the boys at the park, sitting under a tree thinking and watching them play. We had just come back from the vintage book fair with nearly 50 books and I read one sitting on that park bench for nearly an hour. It was beautiful. The rest of the day was spent shooting recipes for a magazine feature and then a day out with the boys at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Sydney. After a leisurely s... Read More >>