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Hazelnut Cacao Cake

This is one of those incredibly simple cakes with only six main ingredients that if you make once, you'll want to make every week from then on. A recipe I c... Read More >>

Savoury Granola

When I was in primary school which was over 30 years ago, times were simpler. In India where I grew up, packaged food was non existent. Sliced bread had cre... Read More >>

Nutella Butter Cake

A tried and trusted decade old butter cake recipe gets a fancy and delicious revamp with dollops of Nutella swirled through it. This gorgeous Nutella Butter Cake is made for a hot cup of coffee.... Read More >>

Carnival Cookies

  I have always fancied the idea of old travelling circuses. Right from when I was a child and watched Dumbo to a young girl reading Mr. Galliano's Circ... Read More >>