Herb Pesto Stuffed Grilled Flatbread

  When life gives you lemons, make apple juice! I have somehow always lived by this motto. Sometimes, it is just not possible to make this anomaly work but most of the time there is always a work around. It makes life more interesting and definitely more fun. So when The Good Guys sent me the final appliance - a spunky looking compact George Forman grill as part of  Kidspot's VOICES of 2013 Food & Wellbeing Challenge, I decided to bake a bread in it.     Our secret ingredient to accompany the grill challenge was herbs. I knew what I wanted to make the day the grill arrived on my doorstep. It was an idea I had been toying with in my mind for a while. But life a... Read More >>

15 Minute Home Churned Salted Maple Butter

  Sometimes on those very rare occasions that I am browsing something other than food on the interwebs, it is uplifting to come across an article that improves your daily life. Forbes recently posted an article about the 5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8am. It sounded like something I needed to do to conquer my precious time, often wasted by online distractions like the very article I had just read. I go to bed quite late and wake up reasonably early (read 5:45am). I have never needed much sleep. Juggling working from home and kids in a home studio peppered with sneaky toys and social media distractions is always a tough challenge. So I adapted the five rules this articl... Read More >>

My Favourites List For October 2013

    The year is flying by at a maddening pace. In the lead up to Christmas, I have a new obsession that might come in handy when it is time to make personal gifts. Jars. I am completely smitten by them. Over the past few weeks I have amassed an impressive range of Bell Mason Jars and Weck Jars with a couple of vintage Fowler's and some Italian brands thrown in for good measure. There is so much you can do with them. My favourite way of displaying jars is by the window and filled with water to reflect the natural light. I make arrangements with fresh cut herbs, flowers and sliced lemons or other fruit. It is my zen, at least for as long as the obsession sticks around. I also use t... Read More >>

Red Quinoa, Shaved Brussels Sprouts And Blueberry Salad

  The past two weeks have been an exercise in trying to get assimilated to a new routine. One that involves a lot of physical activity and clean eating. I suppose when you have been literally surrounded by food for a long period of time and have been cooking in excess, you crave simplicity. Along with daily runs, bike rides and yoga; my day also involves experimenting with new ingredients to create recipes that adhere to the principles of clean eating. Finding the right balance of textures and flavours is one of my favourite parts of the process. This week, I have been getting hands on with red quinoa. After over two years of cooking quinoa regularly, the first time I cooked red qu... Read More >>

Pacific Oysters With Frozen Mango And Chilli Dressing

  It feels like summer in Sydney today. The mercury almost crept up to 38C where I live. Our towering trees have kept the house cool. I started the day with a mango smoothie so thick, you could only have it by scooping with a spoon. That cooled me down. Now that the cookbook is in the final stages of production, I seem to be getting a handle on life. Things have slowed down considerably in comparison and it is such a relief. I am developing recipes for the blog, something I have missed doing. Recently, I discovered frozen mango packs at my local supermarket. It was no surprise that the first two packs were exhausted within two days. With daily smoothies and a dessert or two, I thou... Read More >>

Savoury Buckwheat Omelettes, A Newspaper Column And The Title Of My First Cookbook

  On days when I am working by myself (which is most days, really!) I eat pre-dominantly vegetarian meals. An hour long lunch break is often enough to explore and experiment with new ingredients to create tasty and nourishing light meals that are not only easy to cook but extremely quick. A lot of these meals can be easily packed away in a lunchbox for work, college, picnic or potluck. This adventurous, easy to make, easy to take, mostly fuss-free and wholesome cooking forms the entire premise of my new cookbook which will be published by Random House in the autumn of 2014. One of the most agonising decisions was trying to settle on a title for the cookbook. We thought long and we ... Read More >>

Mango Berry And Turmeric Smoothie

If you have been following my cookbook writing journey for the past month or so, you would already know that I fell terribly sick in the thick of it all. Right in the middle of shooting close to 8 recipes a day with every imaginable food ingredient cluttering every bit of available flat surface and props and surfaces taking over the floor. I felt like I was going to die which is what I feel like every time I fall terribly sick once every 6 years or so. I get weepy because my mind is so incredibly active but my body just won't be the same way. I am a chronically fidgety person who doesn't like to sit. So you can imagine my extreme annoyance when I kept nodding off on my way to the doctor ... Read More >>

Apple Chai Spice Jam

  Everything in life has a purpose. There is a multi-gazillion dollar industry built on that very fact. A car is for driving and not scuba diving. A hat is to wear and not use as a fish bowl. A frying pan is to fry eggs and not play tennis. But there are loopholes to these rules and imagine finding a legitimate one which really works. How happy and proud will you feel? Like using a pantyhose (clean and brand new) to strain your chicken stock! Or using egg cartons to transport cupcakes! Or using your rice cooker to cook jam!     If an idle mind is the devil's workshop, a crowded mind is an industrious beehive. Mine is a beehive with ideas running amok for no rhyme or ... Read More >>
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