Hot Turkey Quesadillas

  Turkey is a healthy, low-in-fat and high-in-protein option when weeknights start becoming stagnant with chicken, beef and the occasional fish. Because we live in Australia, we are not required to wait until Thanksgiving to experiment and cook with turkey. Breast fillets and mince are my favourite turkey options. A quick Mexican inspired stir-fry sandwiched between tortillas and pressed on a frying pan gives you delightfully crispy on the outside and melting hot on the inside quesadillas for dinner. If you don't have turkey on hand, any protein works well with the flavours. Think firm tofu, chickpeas or even fish. I have included some process shots to show you how easy it is to pr... Read More >>

Pure Raspberry Pops

  My mind is drawing a blank as I prep this post. All I can think of is the postman. Sigh! One would think I had developed irrational and out-of-character feelings for this human figure shrouded in a flappy fluorescent shirt and flappy navy pants with all of his face and head covered by a helmet and googly sunglasses. Riding a lightweight bike nonetheless, one equipped with a flag of sorts, weaving in and out of driveways expertly sliding in letters and magazines and only sometimes aiming a heavy parcel at the door if it doesn't say "fragile" on top. Today I am waiting for him and it is because an advance copy of Tasty Express (click link to pre-order in Australia, i... Read More >>

Homemade Mocha Puffs And Breakfast In Bed For ELLE Australia

  I remember doing impromptu one pan fry-ups in our pjs and sipping mugs of steaming coffee nestled in between still warm sheets on days when the sun had forgotten to rise and the chill in the air was just right (Quite hard to re-imagine that in the awful hot summer we seem to be having in Australia right now). But then kids happen and you want to set a good example and before long you are lecturing about the demerits of having crumbs in your sheets and the importance of sitting up straight at the table to eat. Boring. Parents make boring adults.     The theme for the food pages of November 2013 issue of ELLE Australia was Breakfast In Bed. And I decided now was as g... Read More >>

Summer Spice Bircher Muesli

  Bircher muesli was a very recent discovery for me. On this trip to the Hunter Valley, I was hovering over the breakfast buffet laid out with a million choices. When there is too much food, I am indecisive and I hover.  Like a kid in the candy store. Not being able to pick. Hovering. Often making the worst possible choice. Like picking up a mini carton of Kelloggs All Bran when there was all this fresh breakfast at my disposal. Blasphemy! The lovely plump woman who had come to replenish the gigantic bowl of soaked cereal nearly had a stroke when she saw me with the mini carton. "Oh no no no!" she exclaimed with a look of utter agony on her pleasant face. "You ... Read More >>

Supermarket Roast Chicken Hoisin Noodles

As a harried working mum, a good old-fashioned roast chicken made from scratch is reserved for a special day - Christmas. For  year round roast chicken hankerings, a good supermarket roast chicken will do just fine. Supermarket roast chickens have collected their share of flak over the years. But there is no denying their versatility in creating a fun meal in a matter of minutes. If you look past the roast chicken stuffed in dinner rolls with some salad and sauce cliché, you will discover a brave new world of sophisticated salads, sizzling noodles, burgeoning sandwiches, hearty soups, tacos and dumplings. You'd probably have to go around with your glass slipper before you find a roast ch... Read More >>

Homemade Iced Green Tea With Mango

  After my last post for 2013, I took a couple of weeks off work. I didn't write. I didn't shoot. I didn't think. And it felt good. I didn't get around to reading a single book, or sit on a beach staring away into the horizon. But I let go. I let go of my need to create and plan ahead. As the days went on, I found myself sitting out in the sun doing absolutely nothing often with my eyes closed. I walked bare feet on the grass. I listened to the bloody cicadas begging for a girlfriend (as my second born likes to proclaim) without being the slightest bit annoyed. I slowed down. I reflected. I soul searched. I became quiet.   "The quieter you become, the more you can he... Read More >>

Smokey Chicken Lime Tacos With Black Bean And Quinoa Salad

Today is day 50. Since I was last here. Writing. I have been counting. A lot has happened. A lot. Some good. Some not. This was my year. Everyone says that. I am grateful for that. But somewhere, somehow, I drowned. And it felt peaceful in the cold, shadowy depths of limbo. It is day 50 today. And I feel a prickle in my fingers and a tingling in my toes. I feel a little hard to breathe under water. I feel the urge to rise up from the dark shadowy depths and suck in glorious air as my head breaks the surface of the water. Slowly. The words are flowing. And so I am here.     I finished the book. On the deadline. It is my heart and soul. You will see. I revealed the cov... Read More >>

Herb Pesto Stuffed Grilled Flatbread

  When life gives you lemons, make apple juice! I have somehow always lived by this motto. Sometimes, it is just not possible to make this anomaly work but most of the time there is always a work around. It makes life more interesting and definitely more fun. So when The Good Guys sent me the final appliance - a spunky looking compact George Forman grill as part of  Kidspot's VOICES of 2013 Food & Wellbeing Challenge, I decided to bake a bread in it.     Our secret ingredient to accompany the grill challenge was herbs. I knew what I wanted to make the day the grill arrived on my doorstep. It was an idea I had been toying with in my mind for a while. But life a... Read More >>
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