Mushroom Masala And Fenugreek

  When I was six years old we were studying propagation of plants from seeds in science class at school. I would save up plastic ice cream containers, fill them with dirt and scatter some seeds my mum gave me. I would pack the top loosely with more dirt and water it once in the morning and once in the evening. Between watering the seeds, I would sit and watch the plastic container for hours, wondering when the magic would happen and something green would pop out. But it never did while I watched. Only when I slept. Because every time I woke up in the morning, I would see tiny leaves pushing their way up through the dirt. It was the most exciting thing I ever experienced as a six ye... Read More >>

Renovation Woes, Fun Loom, A Book Launch And April 2014 Favourites

  Last week my Mac died. It gave a loud bang and took out power to a section of the house. This one lasted 5 years and went through three operating systems. RIP dear Mac. A sleek new Macbook Pro replaced it. It is still finding its feet as I slowly set it up amidst email woes, book launches and moving 3 meter long couches on a 1 meter long trolley into the garage. A lot is happening and every night I thankfully pass out on my trusty old pillow.               You remember the kitchen I won at Voices Of Australia last year? That is soon to become a reality thanks to The Good Guys. But before that happens, we have some massive renovat... Read More >>

Milk Chocolate Popcorn With Sprinkles

  When I was growing up, we only had popcorn at the movies. Twice, maybe thrice a year. Life was simple. Yet, that was enough to fuse a strand of thought in my head. One that connected popcorn with movies. One that compels me to make a batch of popcorn when we have family movie afternoons or crave a tub of overly salty, often cold popcorn when we have a movie date at Event Cinemas. Quite honestly, the popcorn in Australia leaves a lot to be desired. When Nick and I lived in Singapore, we discovered caramel popcorn. It was delicious. Crunchy, barely sweet with a kiss of sea salt. But most importantly, always crunchy and always hot. There is just something amazing about popping your... Read More >>

Zucchini Noodles With Thai Pesto Plus Free Tasty Express Recipe Sampler

Tasty Express launched quietly yesterday, without fanfare. I almost missed it. I did share a video on Instagram giving you a quick flip-through the book. Many of you have already bought it (Thank you!) and many of you intend to (Thank you!). Some of you have even cooked from it. If you are sharing pictures on social media, don't forget to tag them with #tastyexpress. I am so excited to see your creations. Thank you for all your comments, emails, messages of love and support. I truly appreciate each and every one of them and am blown away by your incredible love. You are all so amazing! You can now buy my cookbook on Amazon US, Amazon UK and on Bookdepository which offe... Read More >>

Amaranth Coffee And Walnut Cake

  Coffee and walnut cake used to be our staple birthday cake when Nick and I were dating. Every year. Till we had kids. Somewhere along the way we lost big pockets of time to bake each other cakes. Then the kids got older and the way we eat changed. Call it peer pressure, mass commercialism or merely experimental but you cannot escape making wiser/healthier eating choices. And with good reason. When you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet or practice moderation in your cooking or go meat free a few times a week or resort to gluten free baking in the weekends, something happens - you start feeling amazing. On the inside. And then you get addicted to that feeling of clarity and l... Read More >>

Macaroon Bread, Eight Years Of Blogging And A Worldwide Giveaway Of My Cookbook

  I am at a crossroad today. I look back at the road I have walked for eight years and I can see it scattered with food, sparsely at first and in abundance as the road catches up to where I stand. The first stretch seems to be covered with floppy cakes, burnt cookies, ugly looking curries shot at awkward amateur angles, garish plates, mismatched linen and words that seem too eager to please. As the road moves along, things start looking a slightly more stylish in a very understated way. The food develops a personality, the pictures tell a story, awkward angles are banished, lighting gets moody and there is candid honesty and tone in the words that adorn this road. Words that are li... Read More >>

No-Churn Condensed Milk And Jam Ice Cream

  No-Churn! I love that word. Not because I am lazy. I can churn like a machine, even by hand. But because it means the recipe is more accessible, might get done quickly and I might get away without bringing my ice cream maker out from the depths of the spare closet exploding with a million props and appliances. Okay, I might be a tad lazy. So, back to this fabulous no-churn ice cream. This is essentially a 4-ingredient no-brainer ice cream that doesn't require cooking and doesn't require churning. The idea for this ice cream came when I was shooting lifestyle shots for the extra pages of my cookbook. I had bought a dozen or so Bonne Maman jam jars in every imaginable flavour (the... Read More >>

Tasty Express – First Look, Cookbook Preview And Limited Edition Booklet

TGIF. Especially because over two dozen copies of my first cookbook Tasty Express arrived in two huge boxes by the morning post. Absolute utter excitement! With one month to go for the official release of the cookbook, I thought now would be a great time to share a little teaser - some preview pages from the book. Hope you like them!         BOOK FACTS   There are 240 pages in the book. There are approximately 110 recipes in the book. 93 of them are vegetarian recipes. The book is an ode to fast (except 3-4 recipes), fresh, easy and exciting recipes often with a fun twist! Drawing inspiration from my childhood in India and the bustling foodie... Read More >>
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