Festive Walnut Babushka Cake

  Christmas baking is all about sugar and spice that appeals to both naughty and nice. Okay, I agree. That was cheesy. Even for me. But I love sugar and spice with the fervour of usage increasing dramatically during the festive season. A dash of nutmeg, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dusting of sugar as fine as snow. That is what smells like Christmas.   I find it wise and light to not indulge much in the weeks leading up to the sill... Read More >>

Purple Carrot Cake And Mr. Periwinkle

I miss winter. I really do. Even more so because spring is stuck in a limbo not being able to decide whether to warm up or stay cool. Winter this year was even more exciting than previous years because I discovered to my absolute glee a herbivorous creature called Mr. Periwinkle. Now before you all think that I've lost my marbles, let me assure you that Mr. Periwinkle is a dapper purple carrot and he does indeed exist in the bustling lanes o... Read More >>

Coffee Cake With Cinnamon Walnut Crumble

A recipe doesn't have to come from a fancy schmancy cookbook to be really good. Take this recipe for a gorgeous coffee crumble cake that I found in The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living section. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I just can't resist a simple recipe. What makes a simple recipe? Simple ingredients, fewer ingredients, no nonsense approach to cooking (no mixing wet ingredients with dry ingredients dramas, ... Read More >>

Buttermilk Banana Walnut Bread

As bakers, we underestimate the value of having a frozen loaf of a delicious cake or bread in the freezer. A frozen slab of something spongy and fluffy, just waiting to be heated or toasted in the oven will cure those midday blues and save your skin when you have to magically conjure up a treat for unexpected guests late one evening.  In addition to vowing to replenish my cookie jar every week with freshly baked cookies, I have decided to... Read More >>

Caramel Cinnamon And Fig Loaf

  In need of a quick bread. Please, no banana! What do I have? What do I have? Lots of figs, dried ones at that. Hmmmmmm. Browse books, browse more books. Scan "fig" in the glossary. Caramel Fig Loaf. Bingo! Hmmm, make it healthier .. how? Think, think, tweak tweak. Okay, I know what I'll do. Do I have raw sugar? Check. Gotcha! Mix, mix! Hmm batter too dry. Sour cream should do it. Jot notes, make adjustments. Place loaf in the ov... Read More >>
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Basic Banana Muffins

Nick always rolls his eyes when I pick up a big bunch at the grocery store, he rolls his eyes even more when a few days later, he sees them going soft and speckled with black in the fruit bowl. Then I get baking and it is my turn to roll my eyes. Bananas are meant to be eaten fresh, but they are also meant to be forgotten in the fruit bowl where they achieve optimum blackness. A fact only a true baker can appreciate. From there they make their ... Read More >>