coconut flour

Apple Strawberry Pie Muffins

I love apples. Not just the fruit but the story and emotion surrounding this gorgeous red fruit. Apart from the fact that it was the first fruit that had a story attached to it in kindergarten right through to middle school (hello Adam and Eve! Oh hi Snow White! Hey William Tell!), it was also the first fruit Nick and I shared more than two decades ago as we walked to the bus stop from college. He had an apple. I was hungry. He seemed relu... Read More >>

Coconut Yoghurt Dosa With Spicy Chickpea Chutney

  I have used Greek yoghurt for most recipes calling for yoghurt over the last two decades. But I have dearly missed Dahi - a traditional Indian pot set yoghurt that I grew up with in India. It has a silky texture from the pot setting and a delightfully addictive creamy taste with a slight tang that comes from the use of specific live cultures. Nick who was the official yoghurt setter in his family and later in ours, was the one who spo... Read More >>