Peanut Butter And Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie Plus Win 5 One Year Subscriptions To Taste Magazine

  Once in a while, you will see something that will spark an idea, followed by a chain of thought and create a little story in the complex labyrinth of your brain. You will connect the dots and create a real tangible memory in the real world. And if food is involved, that memory will live on for many years retold over shared tables and quiet moments on the couch reflecting on a certain taste or time with your loved ones. I saw a picture... Read More >>

Date Walnut Chia And Rosemary Cookies

  We are about to start building a deck in our backyard that flows off the kitchen and will be the hub of many happy memories, watermelon stains and impromptu barbecue dinners come summer. But before we begin, we have to dig up all flora which is potentially in the way of the construction and which we can't bear to lose. To be precise, that would be three big rosemary bushes. Over nine years after taking the first set of cuttings from a... Read More >>

Orange And Ricotta Crackle Cookies

  I have been drowning in food for the past five weeks. I am almost in the home stretch of writing a cookbook as far as recipe development, testing, writing and shooting is concerned. I have gone through nearly 120 recipes in that five week period, sometimes cooking them twice and even thrice. And I developed some new recipes for a client. So it feels nice to pick up a random magazine for a change and just cook something that appeals with... Read More >>