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Fig Ginger And Pecan Crumble - Cook Republic

Fig Ginger And Pecan Crumble

A few years ago I had this insane fig crumble at a winter market here in Sydney. It was figgy as was expected but had an incredible warmth that poured down my throat right down to my belly. After reading the ingredient list on the pack, I realised that it had ginger in it. Of course, I wanted to try making it at home (you do that too, don't you?). I wanted that molten winter warming feeling spreading through me as I sat on the couch at night ... Read More >>
Pineapple And Coconut Loaf - Cook Republic

Pineapple Coconut Loaf

Did you know that pineapple fruitcake was flown on Apollo 11 into space and back to earth and that very slice now sits at the Smithsonian, probably in a glass case? If I was on that mission, I don't think any slice would have made it back to earth. Especially if it was a pineapple coconut loaf cut into thick slices. My first brush with pineapple cake was when I had just finished high school and a bunch of us were hanging out at a girlfrien... Read More >>
Chocolate Marble And Mayonnaise Celebration Cake With Dark Chocolate Ganache - Cook Republic

Chocolate Marble And Mayonnaise Celebration Cake With Dark Chocolate Ganache

I made a big mistake yesterday. The first in 11 years of blogging so I am hoping to forgive myself (and hope you do too!) but I am appalled nonetheless. Let me tell you what happened. I posted a spectacular layer cake recipe yesterday that I made for Rish's (younger boy) birthday in January. An amazing chocolate Star Wars cake that I said had mayonnaise in it. It didn't! It had a sticky chocolate cake for the top layer and orange chocolate ch... Read More >>
Triple Chocolate Mayo Star Wars Cake - Cook Republic

Sticky Triple Chocolate And Orange Star Wars Cake

"Mum, look at me!" left shoulder thrown back, little wiry body angled sideways, knees bent in some kind of a stance, chin tucked down, eyes glaring menacingly, skinny right arm stretched towards me, the forefinger and thumb cocking an imaginary weapon. "Guess who I am?" A little boy in terrible pain from the extreme contortionist act, was my first thought. As if it was even possible, he contorted further, arching his back and pretending... Read More >>

Coffee Gingerbread Granola

One of the things I love about living in Australia is the fact that we celebrate Christmas in July like our friends in New Zealand and South Africa. July is the middle of winter and the coldest month of the year because we all know that seasons are opposite in the Southern hemisphere. So a whole lot of us decided to celebrate Christmas in July and called it Yulefest, because honestly it is a bit too hot in December to have mulled wine, hot ro... Read More >>