Tara’s Blueberry And Poppy Seed Snacking Cake

More than a decade ago when we moved to Australia from Singapore with a couple of suitcases and a cranky baby, it was on the eve of Nick’s birthday. Hungry and exhausted from the tumultuous flight with our 11 month old, who had just undergone invasive surgery, the only available dinner option near our service apartment was 7/11 sandwiches. And a little bakery that was miraculously open at that time of the night for us to bring back with us th... Read More >>

Coconut Cream Horns Plus Get Published And Win A Magimix Patissier Worth $1199

When I was growing up, our weekends were spent at grandma’s where we would arrive late Friday night after a short train ride journeying against the flow of weary office travellers headed home. By the time we would arrive at grandma’s, I would be asleep often having to be carried up the two flights of curving wooden stairs inside the old stone building. An early riser, I would rest my chin on the smooth bannister of the balcony railing in ... Read More >>

Buttermilk Banana Tray Cake And Melbourne Book Tour

  I have a stack full of robust cake recipes that belong to the beautiful brown crumb family and just hit the sweet spot - just! I love a cake that you can take a mouthful of and name at least a handful of ingredients in it as you slowly savour it. A cake that is not weighed down by pretty icing and sugar that masks the beautiful flavours that develop as it sits on your counter waiting to be eaten. A cake that can welcome a generou... Read More >>

Amaranth Coffee And Walnut Cake

  Coffee and walnut cake used to be our staple birthday cake when Nick and I were dating. Every year. Till we had kids. Somewhere along the way we lost big pockets of time to bake each other cakes. Then the kids got older and the way we eat changed. Call it peer pressure, mass commercialism or merely experimental but you cannot escape making wiser/healthier eating choices. And with good reason. When you reduce the amount of sugar in you... Read More >>

Orange And Ricotta Crackle Cookies

  I have been drowning in food for the past five weeks. I am almost in the home stretch of writing a cookbook as far as recipe development, testing, writing and shooting is concerned. I have gone through nearly 120 recipes in that five week period, sometimes cooking them twice and even thrice. And I developed some new recipes for a client. So it feels nice to pick up a random magazine for a change and just cook something that appeals with... Read More >>

Passionfruit Curd Cake

  Since posting a recipe for passionfruit butter yesterday, I realised a lot of people wanted to know why I called it butter and not curd. There are two reasons. The lemon curd and passionfruit curd concept is very new to me. I never grew up with it and did not experience it until a few years ago, well into my foodie shenanigans here in Australia. Curd in India was always a reference for yoghurt. My mind associates curd with yoghurt. Ca... Read More >>