Four Naturally Delicious Yoghurt Wellness Face Masks

Dahi is a ritual in most Indian families. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is Indian yoghurt. It differs from the sharper tangier Greek yoghurt by being creamy and mild. Even in the Indian sub continent the taste of Dahi differs from the west coast to the east coast. One of the main criteria that makes Dahi different to the more commonly available yoghurt is Water Buffalo milk. Water Buffalo milk is the milk of choice in I... Read More >>

Coconut Yoghurt Dosa With Spicy Chickpea Chutney

  I have used Greek yoghurt for most recipes calling for yoghurt over the last two decades. But I have dearly missed Dahi - a traditional Indian pot set yoghurt that I grew up with in India. It has a silky texture from the pot setting and a delightfully addictive creamy taste with a slight tang that comes from the use of specific live cultures. Nick who was the official yoghurt setter in his family and later in ours, was the one who spo... Read More >>

Zucchini Noodles With Thai Pesto Plus Free Tasty Express Recipe Sampler

Tasty Express launched quietly yesterday, without fanfare. I almost missed it. I did share a video on Instagram giving you a quick flip-through the book. Many of you have already bought it (Thank you!) and many of you intend to (Thank you!). Some of you have even cooked from it. If you are sharing pictures on social media, don't forget to tag them with #tastyexpress. I am so excited to see your creations. Thank you for all your comm... Read More >>

Rustic Lamb And Coconut Curry

  A curry made from scratch is not only deeply satisfying, it is also incredibly tasty. The beauty of spice pairing while cooking a curry is that you often don't have to do a thing other than toss everything in a big pot and simmer until it smells like you just want to eat it. No wonder curries are a constant in my busy life. Every curry rests it's laurels on a delicious sauce, whether it is dry-ish and chunky or creamy and spoonable. ... Read More >>