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Paneer Chilli And Charred Corn Fritters

It's back to school and one of the highlights of my day is to fix a super quick, super delicious and nourishing after school snack in my 3pm coffee break. The older boy catches a train and bus back from high school while the younger one either catches the bus or walks home. By the time they get home, they are ravenous. The mid-day lunch is history after nearly a hour playing soccer or walking around. My boys love a hot savoury snack and it re... Read More >>

Kale Paneer

Create the most authentic and delicious version of the famous Indian vego curry - Palak Paneer, but with a twist! Using kale! A gorgeous, silky green weeknight option for a quick family meal, Kale Paneer can be frozen and easily packed in lunch boxes for a nutritious work lunch. We are a regular Popeye family. Spinach features heavily in our meals. From daals and curries to pastas and one pan meals. Palak Paneer was one of my most favourit... Read More >>

Shahi Paneer – Indian Cottage Cheese In Tomato Gravy

In Indian cuisine, when you stir fry vegetables and/or meat and/or cottage cheese with spices and herbs, the resulting dish is called a sabji or subji. A simple sabji accompanied by daal (lentils) and roti (bread) forms a satisfying meal in most households in India on most days. When the stir fry dish is extended and allowed to simmer in a curry base (usually made up of pureed onions, tomatoes and cream or yogurt), the sabji becomes a curry. A ca... Read More >>