Zucchini Burrata Spring Salad With Pesto And Postcards From The Visual Gathering Workshop

Last Friday I hosted and taught the Visual Art Of Gathering Food & People Workshop at the Cook Republic Headquarters with Emma Duckworth. It was a creative day brimming with styling layer cakes, floral crowns, abundant cheeseboards, lush tablescapes, dessert vignettes, spring salads, food and people photography. Emma worked her styling magic on the cheese boards and the cake tables, she also taught us how to make floral crowns, we chatted about composition, light, framing techniques, camera manual settings, focus, white balance, colour palettes, visual story telling, directing people and food and all things photography. Sally created the stunning cakes and desserts for the workshop a... Read More >>

Apple Crumble Bircher With Macadamia Milk

Ever since I first tried almond milk, I have had problems with it intermittently. It is very random and has nothing to do with how fresh it is, although I have noticed that I will most definitely have a tummy upset if the almond milk is a day old. But then again on other days, I am absolutely fine. Walnut milk, macadamia milk and pistachio milk (my favourite, there is a lovely recipe in my book) cause no issues whatsoever. Have any of you faced this? It might officially be Spring in Australia. But it was a cold two degrees when I woke up this morning which kind of puts a dampener on my Bircher dreams. Not one to be fazed, I just enjoy it mid morning when the sun shows more promise and... Read More >>

Bombay Potatoes

Anyone who grew up in Bombay (India) will tell you that these quick spice tossed crispy cooked potatoes were India's answer to the British Raj's Fish and Chips, minus the Fish of course. A staple in every home, these potatoes grace restaurant menus, tiny eateries, lunch services, and canteens in what is now called Mumbai. A quick filling meal, these turmeric laden potatoes are as cheap as they are satisfying and nutritious. Ideally eaten with a chapati (flatbread) and a salad on the side, I love serving them up for brunch with perfectly fried eggs on top. I will often make a big batch of these Bombay Potatoes and use the leftovers to make grilled sandwiches (jaffles) or roll inside quick... Read More >>

Trashy Chestnut Brownie Cake

Having only used chestnut flour to make pancakes in the past, I really had a hankering to bake with it on Sunday to create a really naughty brownie that was gooey and chewy and had that more-ish flavour from the nutty chestnut flour. To make things exciting I added some chopped up Mars bars into the mix. In all fairness, I was only sticking to my resolution of using up most things in my pantry. It was handy then that I had a few mini bars hanging around in the bottom of the chocolate box. I also decided to bake the brownie as a cake. I have always had a fondness for things that masquerade as some other things. I feel it makes those things more interesting. Plus my people always get more ... Read More >>

Red Hot Chicken And Fried Cheese Meatballs

Most work days end at five in the evening with the realisation that there isn't anything for dinner while standing in front of an open fridge crammed to capacity (something that is next on my list of resolutions to address - a lighter fridge). On those couple of nights a week when I cook either meat or fish, the recipe is always an impromptu creation slapped together with certain flavour combinations I have honed over the years and those that we love eating the most. A riff-raff of pantry ingredients, whatever herbs are thriving in my garden at the time and the ticking clock as a guide; dinner is usually always simple and utterly satisfying. For this quick meatball recipe that goes from ... Read More >>

Roasted Rhubarb And Chia Parfait

In a month when the weather starts getting golden with long spells of warm sunshine, my obsession with Birchers will return. But in the mean while, a pot of coconut soaked chia with spice roasted rhubarb is warming some of my nights and most of my mornings. A decadent pudding which allows you to drastically up your chia intake in the most delicious manner, this parfait is a clever little thing. It requires zero cooking and happily soaks itself to a delightful consistency. The roasted rhubarb is sensational with a bit of star anise added during roasting. A handful of strawberries might be well received here too. I have often found the ratio of chia to liquid to be extremely temperamental ... Read More >>

Chickpea And Coconut Korma Curry With Pumpkin

This gentle curry is pure comfort! An amazing mix of spices simmered slowly come together to create a revelation of flavours in your mouth. I love a good korma base. Derived from the Turkish kavurma which quite literally means cooked meat, this meatless recipe is an ode to the fantastic mild creamy  and beige sauce that is the recipe's trademark. The sauce is the star of a korma curry often made from cashew nuts, seeds and cream with a hint of sweetness to balance the spices. In this non-traditional recipe, coconut milk not only gives the curry a luxurious texture and flavour but also the beautiful toasted beige colour. This dish comes together within an hour. The pumpkin is always roast... Read More >>

Super Green Falafel With Turmeric Tahini Sauce

I have been baking falafels for a very long time. But every time I have a "real" falafel at a Middle Eastern eatery, you know the authentic fried version, I am overcome with an urge to try it at home. Frying is a fine art, just like baking. There are a lot of variables involved, the right heat and maintaining it a true challenge for many. I developed this recipe over several weeks, frying batch after batch, adjusting the mix so it won't fall apart in the oil (one of the most common problems of cooking falafel), adding big green vibrant ingredients to amp up the nutritional value and chasing the right taste and texture. After several meals of falafel that included quick pita wraps ... Read More >>
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