Grapefruit Lime And Star Anise Granita

Grapefruit Lime And Anise Granita

You need a tin of this in the dark recesses of your freezer. Trust me. It is the most divine icy treat you will ever taste. The flavour of grapefruit (bitter, tart, mouthy) is a match made in heaven for the flavour of star anise (sweet, soft, delicate). Together they deliver a clean yet punchy flavour that is so delicious, you just don't want to stop. Granitas are so easy to make. I will often have this, this or this in rotation in my freezer. It satisfies that something sweet craving after dinner without being too rich, it replenishes and nourishes on a hot day scooped in a little shot glass with a sprinkling of sea salt and brings out funky town on Friday night when drizzled with a sho... Read More >>
Creamy Sweet Potato And Halloumi Pasta - Cook Republic

Creamy Sweet Potato And Halloumi Pasta

I love gnocchi. And there are days when the chilly weather creeps up my spine that I will obsess about gnocchi in all shapes and sizes. But for the rest of the year, I'd take a textural pasta any day. I love tossing and pairing ingredients that will add a hefty bite to the smooth silky pasta and the creamy sauce. Like nuts, charred veggies and fried cheese. Elevated only by the zest of citrus and the billowy softness of herbs. A Italian smorgasbord if there was one, where you get to pick what your next mouthful will be from a plate of pasta and al its tiny delicious elements. An adventurous plate, a peek-a-boo of flavours. Inspired by a recipe from a past issue of Donna Hay magazine, ... Read More >>
Nutty Cacao Smoothie - Cook Republic

Nutty Cacao Smoothie

I have been a smoothie drinker for about four years now. On some days in the week, I will sneak in a smoothie mid-morning after my breakfast. And although green smoothies are nice and I will create a delicious glass once in a while, I am not fanatic about them. I feel that often they are very high in fibre and lack a balance. I love a carefully concocted glass of creaminess balanced with fruit, veggies, nuts and some superfoods that you would not normally consume by the spoonful. A meal. Most importantly, a nourishing meal that would be lapped up by my boys (8 and 11) without any fuss after a hard day at school or a gruelling soccer session. There is no way, they would survive on just gr... Read More >>

Raspberry Matcha Lime And Cream Popsicles

How fun are these tri-coloured, vibrant fruit and cream popsicles? Raspberry, Matcha, Lime & Cream. Each layer is a revelation of flavour that come together in an explosion of mouthwatering delight. I love fun popsicles. Especially layered ones. The fancier the flavour, the more likely I am to make a beeline for those at the local markets. Although I always thought that making them would be fiddly. So I have stuck to making single flavoured popsicles that are truly a breeze to make. But also kind of boring. Now yesterday, my kitchen counter was clean. I mean spotless and empty (for nearly half an hour) clean! I get all kinds of giddy and excited about trying out a new recipe when that ... Read More >>
Sticky Seared Salmon With Asian Crunch Salad - Cook Republic

Sticky Seared Salmon And Asian Crunch Salad

I cannot begin to emphasise on how important it is in my life to have a frozen bag of sustainably farmed salmon fillets in my freezer. One frozen fillet magically transforms to a most nourishing lunch in a matter of minutes when I need it most. I poach it, en papillote it or simply sear it in a hot frying pan. Regardless, it is the perfect quick fix meal for someone like me, who tends not give lunch too much weight especially on busy days. Today, I am going to share one of my most favourite ways to cook and eat a thick fillet of salmon. This has been my lunch at least twice last week. The accompanying Asian crunch salad is a flavour bomb of fresh textures and colours. It makes an exce... Read More >>
Slow Roasted Cauliflower Salad With Sweet Potato Hummus And Nut Dukkah - Cook Republic

Slow Roasted Cauliflower Salad With Sweet Potato Hummus And Nut Dukkah

I created this Cauliflower Salad more than two months ago and have been waiting silently, excitedly to share the recipe with you. I have made this at least 10 times in the past few weeks. It is THAT good! I think it might have dethroned this salad for me. Yes, I am positive, that this is my number one salad of the moment. Slow roasted cauliflower, almost sweet with the caramelisation, hints of charring on some of the florets, on a bed of the most delicious and creamy sweet potato hummus and a generous sprinkling of a crunchy sexy spicy nut dukkah, all pulled together with a lemony balsamic dressing and herbs. Oh my God! The best bit? It is vegan AND gluten free so everyone can pick up their ... Read More >>

Yoghurt Granola And Honey Popsicles

When I made these gorgeous yoghurt, granola and honey popsicles for my Summer Food Photography And Styling Workshop last year and posted the picture on my Instagram, little did I know that it would become my most popular post with thousands of views and hundreds of emails and messages asking me for the recipe. Now, I have always made these ad-hoc, without a recipe and only using yoghurt as my blank canvas while painting a dish of vibrant colour and texture using the season's best fruit and whatever resides in my granola jar. I deemed that when so many of you asked for the recipe, it deserved to be recorded here on the blog. Many of you always ask about the popsicle moulds, I bought them ... Read More >>
Raw Cacao Fudge Frosting - Cook Republic

Raw Cacao Fudge Frosting

I don't care much for coconut oil. There, I've said it! I don't have anything against it but the memory of coconut oil head massages when I was a child, the very distinct aroma prickling my nostrils as the oil was heated up to slather over my long locks is enough to not make me want to eat it. It was commonplace in India to give children (and adults!) head massages with warm oil whether they liked it or not. An ancient beauty practice known to increase blood circulation in the scalp for shiny, luscious hair. As a result, it was never really used for cooking. It was solely a beauty product, one of many from Kalpavriksha - the tree of life. Which is what coconut was called. So, I don't lik... Read More >>
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