Hot Turkey Quesadillas

  Turkey is a healthy, low-in-fat and high-in-protein option when weeknights start becoming stagnant with chicken, beef and the occasional fish. Because we live in Australia, we are not required to wait until Thanksgiving to experiment and cook with turkey. Breast fillets and mince are my favourite turkey opt... Read More >>

Homemade Iced Green Tea With Mango

  After my last post for 2013, I took a couple of weeks off work. I didn't write. I didn't shoot. I didn't think. And it felt good. I didn't get around to reading a single book, or sit on a beach staring away into the horizon. But I let go. I let go of my need to create and plan ahead. As the days went on,... Read More >>

My Favourites List For October 2013

    The year is flying by at a maddening pace. In the lead up to Christmas, I have a new obsession that might come in handy when it is time to make personal gifts. Jars. I am completely smitten by them. Over the past few weeks I have amassed an impressive range of Bell Mason Jars and Weck Jars with a couple... Read More >>