Pacific Oysters With Frozen Mango And Chilli Dressing

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Pacific Oysters With Frozen Mango Dressing - Cook Republic


It feels like summer in Sydney today. The mercury almost crept up to 38C where I live. Our towering trees have kept the house cool. I started the day with a mango smoothie so thick, you could only have it by scooping with a spoon. That cooled me down. Now that the cookbook is in the final stages of production, I seem to be getting a handle on life. Things have slowed down considerably in comparison and it is such a relief. I am developing recipes for the blog, something I have missed doing. Recently, I discovered frozen mango packs at my local supermarket. It was no surprise that the first two packs were exhausted within two days. With daily smoothies and a dessert or two, I thought it would be nice to experiment some more with frozen mango. So I made a quick, punchy, cold and spicy dressing for some beautiful Pacific oysters I picked up at the fishmonger's. Pacific oysters are native to the Pacific coast of Asia. They are also known as Japanese or Miyagi oysters. The dressing is like a salsa with fresh Asian flavours and tiny bits of frozen mango pieces which explode flavour in your mouth as you slurp up the oyster, quite literally! The Tabasco sauce gives it a real lift.  I am mentally preparing for a very hot summer and I think I might have found my perfect Christmas dinner canapé.


Pacific Oysters With Frozen Mango Dressing - Cook Republic


Pacific Oysters


Frozen Mango And Chilli Dressing - Cook Republic


Eating Oysters


Frozen Mango Chilli Dressing







Creamy Pacific oysters when served with frozen mango bits and a punchy chilli dressing become a fresh indulgent palate cleansing starter for a summer dinner.

Makes - Serves 2/Makes approximately 1 cup of dressing



12 oysters (I used Pacific oysters)

for the dressing
1/4 cup finely diced frozen mango
1 teaspoon finely chopped red chili
1 tablespoon finely chopped coriander stalks
2 tablespoons fresh grapefruit juice and flesh
1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 teaspoon caster sugar
pinch of sea salt flakes, to serve
fresh grapefruit wedges, to serve



Place all the ingredients for the dressing in a small 300ml capacity glass jar. Mix well with a spoon. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.

Drizzle desired amount of  dressing on to the oysters and enjoy.



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  1. Julie @ In A Half Shell

    Gorgeous photos and delicious recipe! Can't wait to experiment with this myself 🙂

  2. Filipino Recipes Portal by Ed Joven

    I love oysters specially when you baked it with cheese on top. yummy! I will try your mango and chili dressing this afternoon. I also admire your photos the food looks so delectable!!!

  3. Marc @ foam rolling

    Those images looks really tasty...i enjoyed your post and your website is amazing. I love to cook and your website inspired me.

  4. Christina @ The Hungry Australian

    Gorgeous recipe, Sneh. I love oysters and can just imagine how good this would taste.

  5. Asha@FSK

    Sneh, love the blog redesign! 🙂 Looks great...

    mmm.. Oysters! It's 8 in the morning and I still want to polish off a whole tray of these. LOL

  6. saucy gander

    That looks so good, bookmarking for Christmas (and any ol' time in between)!

  7. Kiran @

    A great and delicious use of frozen mangoes! Darn, I'm missing summer so much 🙂

  8. Christine

    How good are mangoes? Your oysters look so good! Did you know that frozen mango cheeks and other fruits are available from Frozberries at Asquith?

    • Sneh

      I've bought rhubarb, mango and blueberries from Frozberries. So handy! So much variety! But I am really digging the frozen mango bits at Coles, it is a different mango -- I think it is one of those bright orange Bowen mangoes.

  9. Sara

    Wow! This sounds incredible. I am obsessed with oysters and have never seen them paired with frozen mango - brilliant! It's turning into winter here in NYC so I may have to put this one in my back pocket for next summer...Fabulous photos as well. Cheers!

  10. JJ - 84thand3rd

    I just discovered a bag of mango cheeks in the back of our freezer that have been there since the end of last summer - this sounds like the perfect use for some of them! Glad to hear life is calming a bit for you.

  11. Belinda @themoonblushbaker

    I can not wait for summer to get to Aussie, I have mango tree and it currently got lots of little mangos on it. Can not wait to try this!

    Can you believe Sydney was Hot hot yesterday! it was such a nice change. I hope you get a Little R&R before you get back into the blog, I do not want you to over worked!

  12. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I think it IS going to be a scorcher and just looking at that photo I feel cooler. 🙂

  13. Kankana

    You know I haven't had oysters yet! Someday I have to check that off my list and I am sure that mango chilli dressing will be there too. 🙂

  14. Cecilia

    I would have never thought about mango and oyster but it actually looks delicious. What beautiful oysters!

  15. Coco in the Kitchen

    Another beautiful dish, Sneh. Grapefruit in the dressing is very interesting.

    Congrats on the cookbook. Can't wait to see it...

  16. Karen @ Lemon Grove Cake Diaries

    I was very excited when I saw that my supermarket had started selling frozen mango as well, I always keep a packet handy in the freezer! I must confess I am not a big fan of oysters but I can imagine all sorts of dishes that I would use this dressing with...delicious!

  17. angela@mykikicake

    Beautiful photos, I would love to have a few of those at lunch today.

  18. Amanda @ Gourmanda

    Mmm, it looks delicious and sounds so fresh! I'm really excited about mango season. 🙂


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