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Brussels Sprouts And Zucchini Fritters

In our home, a savoury fritter packed with vegetables, herbs and egg is one of the quickest back up meals I cook when I am devoid of time or energy. It all started with a simple corn fritter decades ago. From there it evolved to a corn and zucchini fritter and then things kind of got really adventurous going forward. A vegetable slaw fritter and a noodle fritter became regulars in our lunchbox and after school meals. From a hot savoury weeken... Read More >>

Roast Garlic Chicken With Chestnuts And Sticky Marsala Sauce

  We are now into week 6 of our renovations and I will be the first to admit - it hasn't been easy. For one, it has been bloody cold in our garage where we eat our meals (our garage is partially open with fancy gaps in brickwork). Cooking and washing up at the lone cold garden tap is hellish when the wind picks up. When we do eat inside the house, we are perched precariously on stools and empty boxes with bowls in our laps doing our ver... Read More >>

Red Quinoa, Shaved Brussels Sprouts And Blueberry Salad

  The past two weeks have been an exercise in trying to get assimilated to a new routine. One that involves a lot of physical activity and clean eating. I suppose when you have been literally surrounded by food for a long period of time and have been cooking in excess, you crave simplicity. Along with daily runs, bike rides and yoga; my day also involves experimenting with new ingredients to create recipes that adhere to the principles ... Read More >>

Sexy Brussels Sprouts In French Mustard Butter

I don't do brussels sprouts. Ever! I once knew a brussels sprout that promised me undying love, infinite beauty and true glory. But all it did was leave a bad taste in my mouth. So I kept away, avoided it like the bad boy it was. Then came a chance meeting with a bag full of these little rough diamonds. I brought them home and smothered them in mustard butter. One in particular caught my eye. It was sexy down to it's sharp tang and glossy gl... Read More >>