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Ginger Chia Pudding With Papaya And Lime

I have been making this chia pudding a lot. That's because when we are on the couch at night watching Netflix, I am trying to avoid reaching for those tubs of Connoisseur ice cream that invariably end up in my shopping trolley during my supermarket dash. I have a basic chia pudding recipe that I pull out every time I want to make it as I can never remember the liquid to chia ratio. Chia is a liquid hog and like a thirsty desert traveller, it ... Read More >>

Four Naturally Delicious Yoghurt Wellness Face Masks

Dahi is a ritual in most Indian families. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is Indian yoghurt. It differs from the sharper tangier Greek yoghurt by being creamy and mild. Even in the Indian sub continent the taste of Dahi differs from the west coast to the east coast. One of the main criteria that makes Dahi different to the more commonly available yoghurt is Water Buffalo milk. Water Buffalo milk is the milk of choice in I... Read More >>