Light Blueberry Muffins

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Monday mornings are slow. Even if you have woken up at the crack of dawn, the day struggles to set the pace you want. The week is slowly emerging from the stupor of either a lazy relaxed weekend or a crazy fun filled one. Either way, it is always jarring to get back to our other life, the real one. Monday mornings are what writer's blocks are made of. Monday mornings are when you need a longer hug and an extra strong cup of coffee. Monday mornings are when you need your train to be on time, when you want the universe around you to behave. Monday mornings are when you need divine intervention - a crunchy golden topped and fluffy-soft-on-the-inside blueberry muffin maybe?

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The classic blueberry muffin gets a slightly healthier makeover in this recipe, after all it is Monday morning and you want to set a positive, healthier note for the rest of the week. Light ingredients make it literally lighter and if you were feeling braver you could substitute wholemeal flour for plain flour and come out on top of your Monday morning blahs!

Light Blueberry Muffins






A quick blueberry muffin recipe bursting with plump little blueberries. A high antioxidant mid morning snack made lighter and healthier with light sour cream and rice bran oil.

Preparation Time - 15 Minutes
Cooking Time - 20 Minutes
Makes - 12



2 cups plain flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 cup raw sugar
1 1/4 cup lite sour cream
2 eggs
grated rind of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup rice bran oil (or olive oil or carotina oil or macadamia oil)
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries



Preheat the oven to 180C(350F). Line a 12 hole muffin tray with paper cases.

Sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl. Add the sugar and stir until just combined.

Place sour cream, eggs, lemon rind, vanilla extract and oil in a bowl and whisk until smooth. Stir this sour cream mixture through the flour mixture gently in one direction using a silicon spatula or wooden spoon. Mix with a light hand until just combined but still lumpy.

Sprinkle the blueberries and stir once. Spoon mixture into the muffin cases until two thirds full.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until well risen, cooked through the middle and golden on top.

Serve dusted with icing sugar.




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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    What a way to ease into the week... I think these muffins would put a smile on anyone's face.

  2. Rosa

    Lovely muffins! They look really good.



  3. marla

    Beautiful muffins and I LOVE that background you photographed them on 🙂

  4. indugetscooking

    Great muffins, who wouldn't want to be comforted with one as they go about the terrible Monday business

  5. Anna

    What wonderful photos! You are very creative and full of imagination. Nice!

  6. Colette

    Look @ those beauties!

  7. Vijitha

    Light, fun and delicious! Such neat pictures.

  8. Laura (Tutti Dolci)

    Beautiful muffins, I love your paper cups!

  9. Martyna @ Wholesome Cook

    So cute! I really like wholemeal flour in my muffins, I guess I'm adventurous, so would definitely give them a little fiber kick with that too. Yum

  10. Sanjeeta KK

    Beautiful pictures, muffins look gorgeous with that fun background! I like the bran oil you used in the bake.

  11. Pallavi

    oh, the muffins are so cute!! I love blueberries - sadly its not available in India!

  12. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    These would definitely make facing Mondays a little bit easier!

  13. Anita

    Hi there, I'm curious to know if you're able to get fresh Blueberries in Oz at the moment. I've recently come across lots of recipes calling for them. Great that you can use fresh of frozen with your recipe. And as everyone has already said, the photos are fantastic. Cheers

  14. JK Patt

    These photos look beautiful and the muffin recipe looks really easy!

  15. SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)

    Wonderful! These would be a fantastic start to ANY morning, but especially welcome on a Monday. Gorgeous photos, as usual!

  16. Kiran @

    I'd definitely get over my Monday blues with a dozen of this delicious and beautifully styled muffins 😉

  17. Aline

    Mine are in the oven right now! After our picnic this afternoon I'll post the feedback of my husband!


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