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Think Green Juice - Cook Republic

There is a movement out there. With what we consume. And how much. There are bandwagons. Many of them. And people are constantly jumping on and off. Fads. Choices. An unhealthy obsession with being healthy. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But it goes against the principle of simplicity. 

Green Juicing - Cook Republic 

Next month, Nick’s great grandpa in England (bless his heart) will celebrate his 100th birthday. Most of his children, grand children and great grandchildren are converging on the quaint little village in Devon to celebrate with him. I doubt he has ever heard of kale chips. Or drank a protein shake. Or sprinkled chia seeds over everything he eats. He is a simple man with simple needs. He eats simply, writes letters and goes for long walks. Even today. That much I know about him.

Think Green Juice - Cook Republic

Think Green Juice - Cook Republic 

We are blessed in this home. None of us have food allergies or dietary restrictions (yet!). I imagine it is very hard for people who do. And because we don’t, I believe in enjoying food sensibly and moderately. All kinds. Even the naughty kind. And that is why I don’t do bandwagons. Or fads. And why you will find a recipe for an indulgent (not overtly!) dessert on the blog one day and a cleansing juice the next. It is about experiencing whatever tickles my fancy or gets me curious. It is about being simple and having balance.

Think Green Juice - Cook Republic 

One of the things I am determined to do this year is to keep my fridge relatively empty. I want to reduce waste, eat fresher and inject more variety everyday. After a week’s worth of cooking, there are days that I don’t feel like. I have taken to juicing on those days. Colour coded juicing with whatever is available in the fridge and the garden. It is not part of a rigid cleanse or detox. Just something extra for breakfast along with our egg and toast. Because sometimes your body just craves all that green goodness!

Kale - Cook Republic

The juice recipe I share today is green and I have made it with all the green things that were at my disposal. You could also add kiwi fruit, lettuce, pear, grapes or anyt other green thing you can find. I have used some sweetener and salt for flavour. But if you don’t mind it bland, skip those. Think green! Eat your vegies. Go for walks. Write letters. Don’t obsess. And you might very well live to be a hundred.

Green Juice - Cook Republic


Do you have any secrets to living simply and living well?







A nutrition packed juice that is absolutely refreshing. A great way to use up leftover fresh fruits and vegies for breakfast.

Makes – To Serve 4



1 celery stick with leaves, chopped
1 green apple, cored and chopped
2 large kale leaves, stems removed
1 cucumber, chopped
1/2 inch piece of ginger, chopped
handful of spinach leaves
handful of mint leaves
juice of 2 limes
2 teaspoons stevia (or raw sugar)
1/4 teaspoon salt flakes
600ml cold water
1 teaspoon spirulina powder (optional)



Combine all ingredients in the jug of a blender. Blend at high speed until smooth. Strain the juice. Serve with ice cubes and a slice of lime.




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I love creating easy, vibrant, fresh, everyday recipes and taking gorgeous photos of the food I cook. I have been blogging for 15 years and I have also written a book with over 100 new recipes. If you make a recipe from the blog, Tag @cookrepublic on Instagram. I would love to see!


  1. Lynda - TasteFood

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Izy

    So beautiful! Apple, ginger and spinach is one of my favourite juices to make; I bet I’d love adding all those other fresh, green ingredients to it too!

  3. Kankana

    He must be a great man to meet and talk too! As for the drink, love it (minus the kale). I somehow couldn’t like this green, still trying to! Both my parents are extremely simple people and they taught me to live life with a smile, listen to your heart, eat fresh seasonal food and love as much. I do that, although there are days when I get mad for no reason at all!

    • Sneh

      I get mad too .. I think that is allowed. Sporadic bursts of madness are vital to maintaining overall peace of mind 🙂

  4. Archana

    Gorgeous pictures…as always! With respect to food, I think the secret to healthy living is moderation whether a simple meal or an indulgent dessert. Experimenting and trying out new/unfamiliar vegetables and fruits is also key to me.

  5. chinmayie @ love food eat

    I am talking about something similar in my latest post!
    One of my New Year resolution is to not feel guilty after I indulge 🙂 While it’s important to eat well and make healthy food choices on the whole, I try to keep my kitchen and life as simple as possible. It’s important to just simply enjoy food looking beyond good and bad food.
    I have never really explored juicing much but this green color is just gorgeous.

  6. Eha

    You could not have written a wiser foodie article if you tried! I agree with each and every part [and I have studied the blessed subject for over 25 years!] If I do juice, mine is rather similar, except I do use carrots for balance and that does not make it a green juice. I do not juice regularly: methinks the fibre left behind is too important. Using antihypertensives which raise one’s potassium levels anyway, I do take care not to give myself too big a potassium ‘kick’ also! God bless great-grandpa with a few years as yet: I love kale – have never made ’em into chips; have never seen the need for a protein shake; and honestly, truly I have meant to buy and use chia seeds – well, have meant to! Well, you may think me a sook: I simply do not eat cake in any size, shape and form!! Don’t like or want . . . .

  7. Sarah

    The simple life is where it’s at. It keeps you healthy, and most importantly happy. A long walk everyday is a dream!

  8. Grishma @Zaikazabardast

    OMG! What a beautiful refreshing pictures! And LOVE the new logo.

    • Sneh

      thank you Grishma!

  9. Colette

    Love your bracelet and this super-green drink!

  10. Charul @ Tadka Masala

    The pics made me drool for a juice! And with using all the leftover veges.. my mom is already in love with you. Lol!

  11. Rosa

    What a beautiful color! This juice must be very healthy and taste wonderful. A great idea!



  12. Green Juice Recipes

    I love green juices. Great recipe 🙂

  13. Dar Forsythe

    Never been a huge fan of green juice but this sounds good! Will have to give it a try.

    Thanks for the recipe,

  14. Denise

    Sneh, you have made green juice look inviting and sexy! Will have to pass this recipe on to Lenny – he is all into juicing. I, agree, with you about keeping the fridge empty. I adopted that practice a few years ago, and I only buy what we will use that week. Of course there are some staples, such as cocktail fixings, condiments, and a shelf devoted to hot sauces!

  15. Lisa

    I have been into green juices lately, but not for health reasons. I just love the taste!! I love granny smith apples, kiwi, baby spinach, cucumber, celery and a big handful of parsley in mine.

  16. Denise

    Can’t thank you enough for posting this. I am currently shopping for a juicer and in the meantime going to the juice shop to buy green juice drinks. They are expensive! I had no idea you could make green juice this way. I am going to give it a try today!

  17. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    Sound advice for living well and enjoying life!

  18. Michelle @ The Fresh Direction

    Absolutely beautiful photos!! And the wonderful outlook on life, it is very refreshing. I love green juice, but don’t own a juicer so I normally buy them from our local organic juice bar (expensive…) so I am glad to see a recipe that calls for a blender.. that I can work with!

  19. Whitney Davis-TheHealthyVita

    This is gorgeous!!! Love Kale juice!

  20. Crista

    yes! i LOVE this. great recipe & gorgeous photos.

  21. Gisele

    I think green juices and smoothies are really good for us. After drinking two juices a day for a week (along with two regular, sometimes too heavy meals) I noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looked.

    Here’s my favorite green juice. Two kale leaves, 1/2 a bunch of cilantro, 1 green apple, 4 celery stalks, 1 whole cucumber, 1/4 of a lemon (with peel), 1 inch chunk of ginger, 1 chunk of jalapeno (or more if you like it really hot). I am so in love with this. Somehow it reminds me of bloody mary mix, only green!

  22. Patrick

    Hi Sneh,

    The shift to fresh is the new new thing. Even Top Juice has managed to make Boost Juice look as healthy as a Twinky. Meanwhile, Luke Mangan launched his own wall of Poppin Pods herbs at Mojo to add quality as well as some theatre of chefs collecting living herbs as needed.

    Here’s to apple, carrot, ginger and mint


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