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Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger - Cook Republic #veganrecipe #foodphotography #healthyrecipe

Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger

This Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger has been a few months in the making. Using a Donna Hay recipe as my base, I set out to eliminate the egg and the feta which formed a large part of that recipe. The flavours were also very mild and to me, that translates as bland. I love my food with a bit of oomph and the best way to do that is through spices and the magic o... Read More >>
Coffee With Cook Republic - Hens

Coffee With Cook Republic

I wish I could invite you all into a great big room with rustic white bricks and big old metal windows that streamed in the sun. I wish I could sit across from you around a great big trestle table on cushion-scattered Bentwood chairs and have a conversation while hugging mugs of coffee and tea. We'd talk about things that feed our soul, the way the world goe... Read More >>
Vegan Makhani Curry Sauce - Cook Republic #vegan #healthyrecipe #foodphotography #glutenfree

Vegan Makhani Curry Sauce

Today might be the day, your butter-chicken loving prayers might be answered! In a lighter, more delicious, completely vegan and absolutely homemade fashion. For all those of you who have been gently nudging me via email to share my Vegan Makhani Sauce recipe, thank you! I needed the nudge because this recipe is just too good not to share. So what is makh... Read More >>
Bourke Street Bakery Dark Chocolate And Raspberry Muffins - Cook Republic #vegetarian #bakingrecipes #foodphotography

Bourke Street Bakery Dark Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

If you are really looking for a legitimate excuse to eat your favourite chocolate for breakfast, albeit in a softer gooier form and encased in a moist, buttery, raspberry studded cake; then you are in the right blog post with the most perfect recipe. The Bourke Street Bakery Dark Chocolate And Raspberry Muffins have been a staunch favourite in our home for a... Read More >>
Thai Green Curry Fishcakes - Cook Republic

Thai Green Curry Fishcakes

Whether you are eating at a fancy Thai restaurant or just ordering your Friday night takeaway from the local Thai canteen, chances are you have ordered Thai fishcakes at some point in your ordering history. Maybe more than once, if you are an avid fishcake connoisseur. I have had my share of Thai fishcakes over the years. There have been some standouts but f... Read More >>
Top 20 Recipe Of 2018 - Cook Republic

Top 20 Recipes of 2018

A few years ago when I resurfaced after being drowned in a series of blogging competitions, back to back photo shoots, writing and producing a cookbook, a magazine column, a newspaper column, conducting food photography workshops and completing a year studying design at college, I felt utterly lost. It took a lot out of me. I had lost my cooking mojo and... Read More >>