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Costa Rica Tiramisu Martini - Cook Republic / photography and styling, Sneh Roy #cocktail #tiramisu #dessert

Costa Rica Tiramisu Martini

It was probably the most perfect evening in Italy, it’s stucco walls bathed in a golden glow; when Tiramisu was invented. The greatest gift to the world of dessert. An ode to coffee and everything sweet. My love for Tiramisu knows no bounds. I have dabbled in everything from classic dessert to gingerbread versions. From parfaits and ice creams to tea-soaked ... Read More >>
Masala Scrambled Eggs - Cook Republic #vegetarian #healthyrecipe #sodastream

Masala Scrambled Eggs

Trust street vendors in India to take something as ubiquitous as an egg and make it unapologetically ethnic, flashy and delicious. If you have ever travelled along the vast railway network on one of the long-distance trains in India, then you must have come across the famous Indian Omelette makers! Local men with a penchant for eggs, hawking carts full of fr... Read More >>
French Linen Aprons - Cook Republic / photo, Sneh Roy

Coffee With Cook Republic – April 2019

Autumn is here, although not well and truly. We still have the late summer hot and wet spells every week which has made the lawn go berserk but other than that and a billion cobwebs, our gardens aren't growing anything at the moment. When we went away to India and Singapore at the peak of summer, everything edible or of value in our veggie patches decide... Read More >>
Broccoli Steaks With Garlic And Chilli - Cook Republic / photo, Sneh Roy #foodstyling #foodphotography #vegan #glutenfree

Broccoli Steaks With Garlic And Chilli

I hope you are no stranger to roasted broccoli because it is seriously one of the most magical and delicious secrets of the plant kingdom. Raw broccoli crisped and charred on a pan is a weekly mantra in my kitchen. But it is only recently, after the tremendous success of these cauliflower steaks that I started making broccoli steaks as well. I never r... Read More >>
Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger - Cook Republic #veganrecipe #foodphotography #healthyrecipe

Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger

This Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger has been a few months in the making. Using a Donna Hay recipe as my base, I set out to eliminate the egg and the feta which formed a large part of that recipe. The flavours were also very mild and to me, that translates as bland. I love my food with a bit of oomph and the best way to do that is through spices and the magic o... Read More >>
Coffee With Cook Republic - Hens

Coffee With Cook Republic

I wish I could invite you all into a great big room with rustic white bricks and big old metal windows that streamed in the sun. I wish I could sit across from you around a great big trestle table on cushion-scattered Bentwood chairs and have a conversation while hugging mugs of coffee and tea. We'd talk about things that feed our soul, the way the world goe... Read More >>