8-Minute Microwave Mango And Saffron Fudge

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8-Minute Mango And Saffron Fudge

I am slowly and laboriously undertaking the task of transfering over 300 recipes from my site to the blog. The 300 recipes were cooked, tried and tested over a period of 3 years. I have realized that it is getting increasingly hard to maintain my recipes on two different platforms. My wordpress blog wins even though Nick made a fantastic system of recipe filing and tags on the website. I hope to bring some of that wonderful functionality to this blog in due course. I am going to start by blogging about my more popular recipes.

Today I am going to share with you a gem of a recipe that is cooked in just under 8 minutes in the microwave and the result is a gorgeous mango fudge slice with flecks of saffron. This one was an experiment that was a huge success and I might even make it to bring to this Sunday's Sydney Food Blogger Kris-Kringle at Hyde Park.






Preparation And Cooking Time - 8 mins | Makes 18 pieces


4 cups milk powder
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup mango pulp [alphonso]
300 ml double cream
1 tbsp milk masala
a few strands of saffron


Combine all ingredients except the mango pulp in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high [uncovered] for 4 minutes. Remove, add mango pulp, stir well to combine and microwave on high [uncovered] for another 4 minutes. Remove, mix well and spread out in a greased slice pan or thali . Cover with cling wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.


  • Using 'double cream' ensures that it will have a proper fudge consistency. You can cut squares after chilling.

  • 'Thickened Cream' can be used instead of double cream, but the fudge wont set well.

  • Grease pan/thali with ghee or butter.

  • Alphonso Mango Pulp brings out the most exotic, beautiful mango flavour.




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  1. Justin Lee Beatty

    Having just tried a chocolate fudge microwave recipe, this recipe looks very appealing. One thing I noticed between the recipes is that this one uses sugar. Is there a difference between fudge made with sugar and without sugar? Also, I would be interested to see the nutritional differences between chocolate fudge and the mango fudge.

  2. TastiWave

    It is great that such a tasty treat can be made in the microwave in just 8 minutes. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Lydia

    Interesting reading all the comments. 2 things worth mentioning. Since you have a global audience, and hence products defer, for example cream. So I searched the internet and thought this information may be helpful to some. Double cream is 38 to 40%fat available only in specialty shops. Whipping cream is 30 to 36% fat. Table cream is 18/30% fat. Half and half is 10 to 18% fat. Could someone jump in answer this query. If Whipping Cream is 30 to 36% fat, would boiling it down 5 minutes render a higher fat content equivalent to Double Cream? The 2nd important point is: Some of us have older microwaves with wattages of 650 to 750 W. This recipe is based on 1100W. Obviously, the fudge/burfi would take longer. I found one way of telling it's done, is that it gathers in the center in a lump and the texture is grainy. Is that correct?

    • Sneh

      The texture most definitely should be grainy, but not dry.

  4. Meher

    Looks Yummy. Can this be done on the gas instead of microwave? Any idea how. If Khoa is to be used what is the proportion. Would u still need milk powder ?

    • Sneh

      Back in India when we didn't own a microwave, I used to cook this on the gas/stove. It doesn't take much longer than this method. I can't remember that far back but I think we used to heat a large tablespoon of "ghee" on a very low flame. Add the khoya (4-5 packed cups), a cup of sugar, a cup of the mango pulp, some saffron strands and milk. Stirring the mixture constantly for 20-25 minutes and adding milk as required to make sure it didn't dry out and burn, we used to get a soft, fudgy mixture that was poured in greased steel pans and we used to call it "barfi".

  5. Lydia

    Thank you Sneh. Your wattage is almost double mine hence the reason why mine takes longer. Great recipe. I've doubled the amount of mango pulp for a more intense flavor and reduced the sugar considerably from 1 1/2 cups to 3/4 -- think 1/4 cup + 1/8 will work even better. Appreciate your quick clarification.

  6. Lydia

    Sneh, what's your microwave wattage?

    I tried the recipe with 2 1/2 cups of milk powder (that's all I had) and proportionately decreased the other ingredients. It took 28 minutes. My microwave wattage is 650. I used 35% whipping cream, that's what we get here in Canada. The mango flavor wasn't enough (so I doubled the amount. The fudge was a little too sweet. Balbir Singh suggests a proportion of 4:1 (Khoa to Sugar) -- here I guess milk powder. It rendered an 8 inch pan of Barfi/Fudge. I think it should be of the right consistency after it has air dried for 12 hours.

    • Sneh

      I cook this at my highest power settings 1100W.

      Khoya is like clotted ricotta cream and already a solid, so you would need more in quantity. It is also not eaily available outside of India. I have made this fudge with pourng cream and whipped cream and light cream and the consistency is "to be had with a spoon" at best. That is the reason I use "double cream", it will give you the fudge you see in the picture.

      I cook it for only 8 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes at best. It might look like it isn't cooked at the end, but it is. Don't be tempted to cook it longer, because the cream starts becoming butter and loosens the fudge which eventually results in a longer setting time.

  7. Sneh

    Thanks Neha! I hope it turned out great 🙂

  8. Neha

    Oh my, this looks fantastic, I think my mother would love these!
    .-= Neha´s last blog ..Pandan cupcakes with coconut snow frosting =-.


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